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Proceedings Of Board Of Public Works

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[official.] Office of the Board of Public Works, I Ass Arbor, Sept. 18, 1891. j Adjourned recular meeting; Called to order by Pres. Keech. Roll called. Present- Messrs. Schuh, Keech and Mclntyre. Mr. Keech moved that we reeom. mend and ask the Common Council to order sidewalks built on the east side of Ashley street from Madison to Jeff erson streets. Yeas- Messrs. Schuh, Keech and Mclntyre. Following is the amount of money necessajy to be raised on the tax roll for the Street Fund for the fiscal year and appropriated as follows to-wit: General street work $ 5,000 Cross walks 2,000 Culvert on Hill street 350 Grading on Hill street from Main to Washtenaw avenue 500 Grading on Fourteenth street 350 Culvert, Fifth street 350 Culvert, First street '. 400 Madison street, grading between Seventh and Fourth streets _ 350 Felch street 'culvert 400 Summit street culvert and grading. .. 550 Grading and purchasing point on Detroit sireet... 500 Washtenaw avenue, grading and graveling same 500 Wilmot street, grading and graveling 160 GraĆ¼ing and graveling Fuller street from M. C. R. R. to No. 3 bridge.. 200 Grading Broadway hill 500 TotaI $ 12,100 Mr. Keech moved that the respective appropriations and estimates made by the Board be submitted to the Common Council with the recommendation ;hat tliey be approved. Yeas- Schuh, Keech and Mclntrye. The Board then adjourned. W. J. Millbr, Clerk. "They do say that he's drinking 1 himself to death on her account." ; 'Indeed! And at what bar is her ] iccount kept?"