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Henry Watterson On The Outlook

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Id the meantime everything remains as it was before and as bad as before. There is the War Tariff standing, like a wolf, at the door of every consumer in the land. There is the specious hand of promise, filled with trinkets and baubles, held out to the eye, whilst the mailed hand of bigotry and hate is held up behind, clutching the Forcé Bill in its iron grasp. There is the Billion Dollar Congress, crouching in the shadow of Mr. Blaine's massive figure. There is the Mammoth Pension budget, like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, roaming up and down the country as ravenous and proscriptive as ever. No deniand has been abated; no flag has been lowered. Except for the spasm of prosperity, brought to us by the sun and shower, and by our own undaunted energies, - a fitful gleam in :he midnight of classism and bossism into which under Republican influences the Government of the people is folding its arms and going to sleep - the same fixed condition remains. The overburdened toiler, the mortgage laden farm; the tax-ridden rarmer; the rich man richer and the poor man poorer. Truly, but for the vast extent of our domestic free trade and a mercantile marine, carrying only foreign flags, one might, not inaptly, quote the melancholy plaint of the Irish poet - "Oligarchs fatten where honest men starve' Bmpty the mart and shipless the bay," For the Stars and Stripes have been driven from the ports of the world and from the high seas, wihile Cormorants and Cormorantism rule the lome market under the operation of laws made by the Republicans for the benefit of the few at the cost of ths many.