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THE S0N6 OP THE "No. 9." My dress ís oí fine polished oak. As rich as the finest f ur cloak, And for handsome design You ju6t Bhould see mine - No. 9, No. 9. I'm beloved by the poor and the ricb, For both I impartially stitch ; In the cabln I shine, In the mansion I'm fine- No. 9, No. 9. I never get surly nor tired, With zeal I always am flred; To hard work I incline, For rest I ne'er pine - No. 9, No. 9. I am easily purchased by all, With instalments that monthly do f all; And vrhen I am thine, Then life is benign- No. 9, No. 9. To the Paris Exposition I went, Upon getting the Grand Prize in tent; I lef t all behind, The Grand Prize was mine- No. 9, No. 9. At the Universal Exposition of 1889, at Paris, France, the best sewing machines of the world, including those of America, were in competitiou. They were passed upon by a Jury composed of the best foreign mechanica! experts, two of whom were the leading sewing machine manufacturera of Prance. This jury, after exhaustive examination and tests, adjudged that the Wheeler & Wilson machines were the best of all, and awarded that companv the highest prize offered - the GRANp PRIZE- giving other companies only gol'V zilver and bronze medals. '."'": L'rench government, as a further recocnitit : of superiority, decorated Mr. Nathaniel Wi. Ier, president of the company, with the Crobs of the Legión of Honor- the most prized honor of France. The No. 9, for family use, and the No, 12, for manufacturing uses, are the best in the world to-day. And now, when you want a sewing machine, if you do not get the best it will be your own faalt Ask your sewing machine dealer for the No. 9 Wheeler & Wilson machine. If he doesn't keep them, write to us for deseriptive catalogue and terms. Acents wanted in all unoccupied territory. WIIEELEIt i WILSON MFG. CO. Chicago, 111. FOR SALE BY Michael Staebler, Ann Arbor, Mich. rat "" MH y&iAr íJIS_ ticoekeeper. Warraoled beaTY. f3E&SSiLÍt'JjvKB m ith workl and clin of 123ftQ0pfand T]ubl line of Household Thte samplfi, al wel! . '"""'"Mthe watch, i fret. All th wotk you oi : do i to ihow lul we end you to thoie who ell- your fr.endiandntighbor.andthoie bout 70U- thtlwyireiuln in Tluble trade for a; which holda fotytttt when once lUrted, and thm we e rtpaid. We pay .11 expreu, frelght, etc. Afler tou know all. if jou would lik to go to work for ui. you can earafrom SO to O per wreki and upwarda.ddrei, Minaon e. Co.. Box 81 . Fortland. Muino. ELKITBEDGE, No. 6 West Ann Street. LIYEM,HAl!K AÍD BAGGAGE llïiE, In the rear of Edward Duffy's grocery store. Hack 10 all trains, day and night. Orders for trains, parties, weddings and funerals promptly attended to. ïelephone, 1ÜS Ann Arbor Mich. K l STOBAGK Now we are ready with a NEW BRICK STOREHOUSE ror the storage of housenold goods, pianos, aooks, stoves, etc . Movinfr of househeld goods md pianos carefully done. AU kinds of heavy indfightdraying. Freight work. C. E. GODFBET, Residenoe and office 46 Fourth Avenue North EF"Telephone 83._ MARTIN & FISCHER. PROPKIETOBS Oï THE WESTERN BBEWEBY, ANN ARBOR, MICH. Brewers of Pure Laprer Beer. pRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN Mhm, Ageut for the followiiiK FiïM Clasx Coinpanit-8, representing over twentT-wett Millioü Dollars Asseta, issues policies at the loweat rutes Itna of Hartford $9,192,644.0; Branklin of Phila 3J 18.713,00 Germania of N. Y 2,7(M).72.OO American of N.Y. 4,066,968.00 London Assurance, Lond'n 1 .41(i,788.0(i Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. Uiiderwriters, N. Y. 2,56,679.ü(' National, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Phenix,N.V 8,759,036.00 rsi)ecial :itieutioD givun 'm ue innurance ui dwellings, scnools. chur(;üt aoil public building! h torran ot Utree flti'l öve vears Hangsterfer'S Frencb Hand-Made BON BONS 25c Box. Put up in 1 Ib. Fancy Boxes. solp eVeryWHehe At 40c and 50c. PBENCH O-ItTIDIES MADE EVEKY DAY. 28 South Main Street. M. P. VOGEL, DEALER IN Fresh, Salt and Sraoked Meats And game in seasou. 22 E. JTJ'R.Or ST-RE-BT H a a A M. A TEAR ! T undfrtake to brieílr Híl "lfl 1 II teachanyfairly intelligent personof eíther TV i llaex, who can reatl and write, flnd who m _ I I I I I B nfit-r iiistrurtíon, wtl] work induBtríously VVUUvhunMo earn HrM Thousand llolúri, n Yerintheirownlocallti,vihereverthey live.I wilUIaofuniish th sítuat ion or emplo_vuient,flt which you can cam that unount. No money for rneunlées siicceful atbove. Eoilyand qolekl learned. I desire but one worker from ach district or county. I havo alrf ady taught and provlded with employmenl a larpe number who aro makwv over #5000 a ytartach. Ifa EW ná SOTI1. Full particular PKEE. Addrcii at once, E. C, ALLEN, ïiux 4SO, Auguatu, Muímc. 1