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Several interesting state carapaigns are...

Several interesting state carapaigns are... image
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Several interesting state carapaigns are in progress, and are being watched with interest by the people of this state, who are not troubled with the turmoil of a political campaign of theirown. There are various local complications which make it difficult at this distance to judge what bearing they may have upon the result, but a brief mention of them may prove of interest. In New York a full state ticket is to be elected. The democrats would undoubtedly carry the state by a very heavy majority wereit not for unfortunate quarrels in New York city and Brooklyn. For they go into the eanvass with a record of the lowest state tax levy in thirtysix years, the rate this year being only i-Zll2 milis as against 2.34 milis last year, under a republican legislature. Two millionaires have been nominated for governor. The democratie milljpnaire earned his money, the republican married his. Both are reported to be free with their money. Flower was the candidate of Tammany Hall, and of Governor Hill. Fassett was the candidate of Boss Platt, who turned down so able a man as Andrew D. White to secure the nomination of his henchman. Last year, in the election of the legislature the location of the world's fair played an important part. Candidates who had obeyed Boss Platt's behest and voted against the appropriations which would have secured the world's fair in New York city, were defeated even in the interior districts. Fassett, the rcpublican nominee for governor, was a senator, and led Platt's opposition to the fair. This will prove a great factor in offsetting the soreness of the county democracy in being denied seats in the democratie tion and the bitterness of the Kings county democracy because Chapin was not nominated. In OhiĆ¼, a big contest is being waged. Governor Campell is not in the good graces of the ward heelers. He is too clean a man for that. This will probably lose him many votes in the cities. On the other hand, McKinleyism is impopular. Ohio is a wool growing state, fed on big promises by McKinley and wool has fallen in price. The farmers' alliance is in the field with a ticket which will draw 20,000 votes. No one can teil what party they will come from. Ohio is naturally a republican state. But John Sherman and blatherskite Foraker are fighting over the United States senator, and were democrats united they could easily win. W W W W W In Iowa, the state issue seems to be prohibition. Many republicans who favor high license will vote for Boies, the democratie candidate on this issue. On the other hand some democrats, not many probably, will vote with the republicans. The republicans are making desperate efforts to holdthe state in line on the plea that the electoral vote in case of democratie success, will be divided into congressional districts after the Michigan idea. In all three of these states, United States senators are to be elected. # # # # In Massachusetts, democratie Governor Russell who is a candidate for re-election, has given the state so clean an administration that the republicans have not dared to attack it either in their platform or on the stump. Their cry is solely that their candidate is as good a man as Russell. And although they claimed that he was able to cope with Russell on the stump or in the governor's chair, he did not dare to accept Russell's challenge for joint debates during the campaign. Russell.who isan exceedingly able campaigner, is only thirty-four years old. I