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Ammonia Baking Powder Must Go

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CONDEMNED. Bills have been introduced in the New York, Illinois and Minnesota Legislatures compelling the manufacturer of such baking powders to brand on the label in bold type, this powder "Contains ammonia." Physicians and chemists condemn the . use of ammonia in baking powders as a crime. lts constant use no matter how small the quantity detanges the stomach, neutralizing the gastric juice and destroying the complexion. It is the small quantities taken cvery meal that do the mischief. It is gratifying to know there are pure baking powders to be had on the market and at no greater cost to the consttmer than some of these so-called "absolutely pure" ammonia powders. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder, the standard pure cream of tartar powder f or f orty years. Free f rom the taint of either ammonia or alum. None so pure - None so wholesome. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is reported by all authorities as free from Ammonia, Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact, the purity of this ideal powder has never been questioned.