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Poob SHOOTDïp.- As we were coming across the sand lots the other evening, after gpending a couple of very agreeable hours at the adobe residence of the Widow Jackson, some would be assassin, who was in hiding, flred six bullets at us from a revolver. We think it was Torn Bigelow. We think so because Torn has shot at everybody in town and never hit any one. He didn't hit us. Being armed only' with a bowie knife, we lit out assoon as theshooting began, and the last bullet went ten feet above our head. We did think of hunting Tom up yesterday and splitting his ear with a bullet as a great moral lesson, but on second thought we concluded not to waste the time. He'll keep on blazing away around this town nntil somebody gets vexed at the noise and then he'll suddenly go henee. We don't want his funeral expenses on our hands. He's a Subscriber. - Last week, as noticed by our contemporary in adouble leaded article with three scare heads on it, Jim Benshaw, who owns the cactus ranch out on the Tucson road, refused to take his copy of The Kicker out of the postoffice. Jim not only owed us Í1.50 on subscription, but refused his paper to hurtour feelings. He's been sore on us ever since we refused to lend him our white shirt - the only one in town- to go on a drunk in. We want to show an accommodating spirit toward all, and we have the name of being a good fellow, but we want to say right here and now that we believe a conimon wool shirt is plenty göod enough for any man in this town to get drunk in. If it isn't, he'd better stay sober. When we saw Jim's little game we mounted our mule and rode over to interview him. He was expecting us. One bullet went through our hat and another raked our mulo, but after that Jim lay down and we dug the bullet out of his shoulder and helped him into his dugout. He not only paid us all arrears in spot cash, but a dollar on advance subscription, and as soon as able to move about he will Dersonallv canvass for subscribers. We Shall Get There.- Last Friday evening we were norninated for mayor by acclamation, and this is equivalent to an election. We don't deny that we sought the nomination. We have had our eye on it for a year past. We shall also do our level best to snow our opponent under. We have been moved to this course by a desire to see the town well governed and because we believe the mayor should be the representative man of the town. We are that man. There's no use in filling and backing and talking about modesty and self conceit and all that. We lead this town. We know more than any ten men in it rolled together. We shall make the best mayor the town has ever had, and we shall see that all the city printing is given to The Kicker at legal rates


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