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A Victim Of Circumstances

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"I might a' been rich oncet," said the man with straw colored whiskers, "but circumstances was too mnch f r me." "Tell us about it." "Well, yon see, it was jest this way. I was workin' on a farm down here on the Wabash, when I meets a widder at a hoedown with a quarter section of 'bont as good land as you find outdoors. She sorter cottoned to me right on the jmnp Went to see her three or f our times, an; was gittin' thicker'n winter mlasses, when I tuck the chills and fevers. Ever have 'em? Shake all the life out of you one day; next day yon kin eat like a hawg. Well, I goes to see the widder on my well day, an' lo and behold, she had the chills. Next day I had 'em, next day she had 'em, next day I" "Well?" "Well, the upshot of the whole business was, that 'fore I conld get rid o' them shakes a tramp preacher come along that was in the habit of having the shakes simultaneonsly with the widder, as it were, an' ent me clean ont. I tell you, boys, when old Billy Circnmstances has it in f er a man he kin jest as well give it up."


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