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An Enjoyable Reception

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The Hon. Daniel Dougherty, oi New Yoi-k, who delivered an address at the opera house, last evening, for the benefit oï the new chureh fund of St. Thomas' parish, arrived in the city "Wednesday afternoon, and remained here since as the guest of Fr. Kelly. On Wednesday evening, a eonipliimentaiiy reception was tendered hini at th,e Cook House parlors and an opportunity was given our citizens to meet thjlis distinguished gentleman. The citizens were not slow in grasping the chance, and between the hours of eight and nine not far irom 500 Ann Arborites had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Mr. Pougherty, among the number being bicluded President Angelí and many of the University Senate, and a number oï ladies. Mr. Dougherty was found by all to be as polished a gentleman and brilliant conversationalist, as he is a great orator, and never in Ann Arbor has a more pleasant reception been held, nor a more enjoyable evening spent than was that in the presenee of Mr. Dougherty. During the latter part of the evening a pleasant little episode occurred, the committee deciding to present to Mr. Dougherty a slight memorial of his visit here, and they took Mayor Doty into the plan and induced him to express their thanks and present a souvenir of Ann Arbor to Mr. Dougherty. The entire affair was impromptu. The Jlayor introduced his remarks ay alluding to the facft that there was a lull in the conversation and tJiat he was tempted to utilize the opportunity which it afforded for the purpose of a confession. He said: , "The committee of young men who have had in charge the arrangement for this most enjoyable reception have beeu singularly harmonious and unanimous in all their efforts and uudertakings,. save one, and that lias been a generous rivalry as to who of thein all by serving you the best, Mr. Doughcii.v, could honor himself the most." The Mayor continued, "That rivalry culminated late this evening when the qurstion arose as to who, of that committee, should enjoy the honor of addressing to you, Mr. Dougherty, the thanks of the young men of the committee, and of our citizens as well, for the distinguished honor you have ,bestowed upon us by your affable and flelightful inWcourse this evening. The dispute íinally termijnated by resort to the Mayor. It was said that he was a sort of general utility man, and this additional honor he ought to carry as easily as 'the swain could bear the snowy fleece,' and so, Mr. Dougherty, I have the unexpected pleasure and the great honor of presenting to you the thanks of the young men of -the committee and of the citizens for the honor you have done us to-nlght. Drawing a small parcel from liis pocket, the Mayor continued as he handed to Mr. Dougherty a liandsome 'iVnu Arbor' souvenir spoon upon which werc cngraved the narnes o! the committee: "I Am further dcputod to present to you this little souvenir of Ann Arbor the committee hope you wlü be pleased to accept, not for its intrinsic valué, but as a pledge and a reminder of their friendship and estecm. In the days to come ïor the memory of 'Auld L'ang Syne,' may lts sil vit bowl touch as witli a magie wand that sllver tongue, wtüch to all truc Americana in both the sweet delight and the gure defense, decus et tutamen." During Mayor Doty's remarks Mr. Dougherty leaned against a piano and followed with his eyes, every motion of the Mayor's lips. Wtaen it carne time íor a response from him, he had not recovered from his surprise and said that he hardly thought it fair to bè tafeen at so great a disadvantage. He, however, assured the Mayor and the committee that the token would be endeared with pleasant memories to him and that the occasion was one that he had much to thank the committee for. Thursday, Mr. Dougherty visited the several departments of the üniversity and other points of interest in the city, in compauy withMayor Doty, Prof. Knowlton and J. y. Sheehan. At the law di-partment he treated the seniors to a few remarks, which ■were received with rounds of applause. The committee having the reception dn charge was composed tí the follow(ng: J. D. Iïyau, chairman: T. D. Eearney, J. J. Quarry, J. V. Sheehan J. X. Riley, Dr. J. A. Weasliiger, J. E Dutfy.