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A Million A Year

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A New York concern, manufacturera ol an ammonia baking powder, boasts that ii.s yearly proflts uro over a milliou do'llaas. Wbile, perhapis, none of the makers of alum powders Indiyidually can show so large earnings yet fcheir proflèa are enormous. A business so profitable wfll always attract to itself those whose greed wlll cause thein to utterly disregard the effect their traffic may have upon the healtn or life of others . ' Alum baking powders' are introduced largely by giïts, prizes and lottery schemes. A piece of glassware or china, a ddlcL's wagon, sled, a pewter spoon or some other article of attraetive appearance, but of email iutrinsic value or cost is given with eaeh purchase or a nuinber is attached to the can which entitles the custonier to a similarly numbered article ot to á prise of some kind. It is in some such way as this that the trade in alum and ammonia baking powders, which has now attained such giant proportious and their consumption by the public which has rcached an extent whic his truly alarining. The highest authorities of all countries condeum the use of alum in bread without reserve. In America the most disting-uished physiciaps, cheniists and hygienists have declared that the traffic in alum baking powders should be suppressed by law. In England and France where the subject of pure food, and its effects upon the system, lias been more fully considered and made the subject of extended experiments by the scientists, so serious a matter ;i the use of alum in bread and other food cousidered to be, that most stringent laws have been enaeted to prevent it. These laws are rigidly enforced, and the sale of alum baking pow-ders would not be permitted for au hour. Any one who attempted to make theni íor use in food, or attempted to use them for raising bread, biscuit or cake would suffer severe penalties. Th eill effects upon the system of food raised by alum baking powders are the more dangerous because of their insidious character. It would be loss dangerous to the conimunity were it fatal at once, for then such food would be avoided; but their deleterious action because imperceptible at first is no less certain. The puckëring effet -which alum has when taken ín the inouth is familiar to everyone. Physicians say this same effect is produced by it upon the delicate coats o fthe stomach and intestines. AVhat housewifc would take home to her family a can of alum or ammonia baking powder if she knew it. Such powders not only undermine the system, but it is pointed out that ammonia taken into the system in even infintisimal dose öay after day Imparta to the complexion a sallow and blotched appearance. It is safe to discard all baking powders sold with a prize or gift. What a misnoraer are the words "Absolutely Pure," as applied to baking powders two of the largest selling brands, one made froin alum, the othcr containing ammonia and both of these 'drugged baking powders have stamped upon their labels and circulare these ■words absolutely pure, as a matter of fact they are "Absolutely Poor,", as shown by official examinations.


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