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The Courier's usual style of politica ar...

The Courier's usual style of politica ar... image
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The Courier's usual style of politica argument is exceedingly refined When hit hard it meets assertions with such expressions as this: "The Argus states an untruth," or "the Argus lies," or some similar phrase. We beg leave to remind our highly esteemec contemporary that the reputation of . this paper has always been at least the peer of the Courier"s,and such gentle insinuations will not tend to lower it. The resolta of a judicious choice between evils are well shown by the report of the surgeon general of the army. He says that uader the canteen system of dispensing liquors the sick rate of the army has decreased, and the cases of alcoholism reduced from a yearly average of 56.68 per 1,000 soldiers and 41.43 in 1869, to 4.37 during the last year, besides, of course, a great reduction in cases of discipline and the demoralization of the troops. "Tis well - half a loaf is better than no bread. If the army cannot have total, let it have partial abstinence - Detroit Journal. And yet the Detroit Journal, which published the above editorially, went ' into hysterics over the fact that the , canteen systeem was introduced at the , state encampment. i The success of the fair last week, demonstrates what good management can do. "VVith such excellent results, the management should be encouraged to persevere in the methods which brought it about. Aside from the regular attractions of f airs which should be kept up to a high standard, novelties should be introduced, which would draw the people who complain of a sameness about fairs. This year the balloon ascensions proved a great attraction. Next year something equally good should be brought here. If possible, something which people have never seen. A fair should have a iiumber of strings to pull people in. Some like norse races, and as good oues should be provided as this year. Others like to examine stock, and these can be well accommodated. Others stil are seekers afternovelties. It is to be hoped that our home manufacturéis may see fit next year to eclipse all past displays. Excellent displays of their productions will prove profltable ad vertising. The friendsof the proposición to vote upon sewerage brought the matter up in the council last Monday evening with the expectation of carrying it, as two of the aldermen opposed to it were absent. Theyran against a snag, however, in the provisión of the charter requiring a majority of the aldermen elect, and, asthey couldn't muster such a majority, the f act that they had a majority of those present at the meeting of no avail to them. The provisión of the charter was designed to prevent any advantage being taken of any chance absentee to pass a measure to which a majority of the aldermen elect were opposed. In all probability, the council will vote at their next meeting to submit the question at the next spring election, when every one will have an opportnnity to vote. The aldermen who wanted to vote for the proposition this month will have to take back their arguments made last Monday night, if they vote in favor of submitting it at the time of the spring election.