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Sneak Thieves Make A Haul

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Saturday morning, while Tony Schiappacassee was cleaning the gutter in íront of his store on North Main street, eneak tliicves tapped his till of between $90 and $100. A stranger engaged hirn in conversation, while a confedérate slipped into the store and took the nioney from the cash drawer. He then slipped thraugh the store and out of the back door and ran. The back door had an iron bar across, which the thlef dropped in his hurry, the noise attracting Schiappacassees attention, and he went to see was the matter. Inimediateiy on discovering his loss bVniappaeassee reported it to the officials. Sheriff Dwyer and Deputy Peterson learned that five men had gone west on a freight train and telephoned to Chelsea to watch out for them, inimediately starting for that place. The men got off the train at Chelsea and seeing that they were watched, started down the track on a run, the officers in pursuit. The men jumped on a dray and drove the horses on a run to the big swarup near the village. There they jumped out and sattered. The swamp covers about 200 acres and it was impossible for the officens to guard all sides of it. They finally captured one, who gave the name of Maynard, the other four making their escapo under cover of darnkess. Maynard was well dressed and 'said that he carne from Toledo. On boing isearched $20 in dimes and small change, the same as stolen frmo Schiappacassee's was found on hini, which he claimed he saved up while in Toledo.