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The Two Sams, L. Blitz

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■■ ■■- ■■■-■I II ■- ■ ... -I. -I..I ■ . '" WKICK 1]ÍTERESTS YOÜ FÍIfST 7 There's so much that might be said about our NEW FALL AND WINTEK CLOTHES. Our preparations are months ahead of you needs. Light Weight Overcoats and Fall Suits naturally get tl r first cali. We shall show you only the sekviceable, satisfying quali ties, feeling confident that you will tind them far better and cheane in the end, than by buying the cheaper grade of goods usually ca ried by other houses. Ask yourself candidly: Ís low priced, ill-madp clothing cheap at any price. We have good, well-made Suits for Men at 5.00., $6.00, $7 00 and $10.00 as also the finer grades, but we can assure you ur cheaper garments are better made, better trimraed, and better fittinegoods than the average dealer sells as their best grade. Our Stock of Boys' Suits, comprising all the new ideas, you will find of interest to you. Prices right. Goods of that wearing qual. ity so necessary for Boys' wear. Naturally you're inore anxious about the ChiJ.dren's Glotam? just now. "Boys will' be Boys," you know and will wear out their clothing. We have taken &pecial pains to place before you Children's Suits in all their variety, both as to price and quality, as well as styles. We claim this season to have the best general line of Children's Clothing ever placed on the counters of any store here We have Several Styles of Children Snits at $1.25 We have a Nnmber of Styles in Children Snits at $1.75 We have a Iar;'e Variety of Children Snits at $2.00 We have a Dozen Styles of Children Snits at $2.50 We have Children Suits at $2.75 and from that up to $10.00 guaranteeing any price snit you may want, to be cheaper than you can get it elsewhere.