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Tlie animal meeting and electlon of oflöcera ol the Ladles' Aid Society ot the M'. E. church, was held yesterday aiternoon. All the bid officers were re-eïected. The Wesleyan Guild ehanged i;s organization, last evening, trom a private society to a branch of the Epworth League, to be known as Wesleyan Guild chapter. A meeting will be held tor the election oí officers, Monday evening. The Keystone Club elected the following officera at their innual meeting, Wednesday evenlng: Z. Roath, president; E. H. Eberbach, vice-president; 8. Langsdorf, secretary and li-casuner. The annual club banquet will be hel dat their club house at Zukey Iake, Thanksgivn e ve. The annual opening of mite boxes of 'the Home Missionary Society of the M. E. church, was held at the residence of Mrs. P. B. Rose, last evcning. The contributions in the boxes amounted to $40.06. Miss Grac'e Hendrickson entertained the society with a guitar solo, and Mrs. Geo. A. Douglass read a paper. The Michigan World's Fair commiKsioners on Tuesday appointed the following auxiliary conuty committee frora Washtenaw: Col. H. S. Dean, chairman; Fredcrick Schmid, William Aprill, S. W. Beakes, Henry Kempf, H. D. Platt. The Washtenaw raembers of the special cornmittees are Clark Cornwell, paper and paper stock: George J. Nissley, poultry; A. A. Wood, sheep. The county treasurer has made settlement wlth the Superintendent of the poor for the nine montns ending Sept. 30, which shows the following: Balance, January lst, $3,109.01; received from taxes, $2,000; from townehips and cities, $3,031.37; from superintendente, $362.50; total reeeipts,. $S,D02.8S; expinditures, $3,977.44; balancé, Oct. lst,, $4,525.44. The expenses for the past nine months have been far below the average. Mcorge Zwink, of Lodi, tied his team of fiu-year-old colts in the rear of Goetz's ?tore, Monday evening, and when he -Tent af ter them they had disappeared. The officers were notified and soarehett jor them, but wlth out avail. Tuesday noon the owner was made happy by Richard Burns, of Fountain street, who reportcd that he had the horses safe in his He found them standing in front of his house, Tuesday morning. They had become untied and wandered around all night. George Harris, a young colored man from Ypsilanti, dropped into the county elerk's office, Tuesday afternoon, and took out a marriage license He was accornpanied by the brideelect, Mary Washington, and as they were about to leave with the license it was suggested that there was no npcessity of their waiting until they arrived in Ypsilanti befqre having the ceremony performed, as Justice Bogardtie, also from Ypsilanti, was on hand and anxious for a job. The couple jumped at the chance, and before they were hardly a ware of what was going ■on, the justice had pronounced them man and wife, the justice making the couple a wedding present of his legal iecs. ■ , . . Fred McOmber, assistant postmaster at Ann Arbor, visited Manchester Friday for the purpose of inspecting the post office as nientioned last week. The Enterprise had the pleasure of interviewing the gentleman and found him a courteous and thoronghly posted man and we doubt not au excellent and popular official. He expressed himself as highly pleased with the condition of our postofnee and said that the books and accounts were well kept. He was accompanied by Rice Beal, of Ann Arbor.- Manchester Enterprise. The Adrián Press fully answers the Monroe Democrat fol us, as the following clipping witnesses: The Ann Arbor Argus says there were 20 prisoners in jail last week. What a wicked lot of people there must be in Washtenaw county. Almost equals Lenawee. Monroe is the banner moral county. She neyer has more than three or four crimináis in jail, and usually has none.- Monroe Democrat. Three or four are all the authorities can handle at once. They are continually falling through the jail cracks, and it keeps the whole f orce busy picking them up and putting them back. But Monroe's hardest citizens never get into her jail. They are too busy filling the offices and running newspapers.