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A Stove That Cost $16,000

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"Sometwenty-fiveorthirty years ago," remarkedG. S. Hnbbard, Jr., "Mr. Harrison owned eighty acres of land which is now on the line of the Burlington raflway, between Chicago and Riverside. I saw that the property was bound to increase in valne, and so I made up my mind to offer Mr. Harrison $300 an acre for it. I f ound him in his office, seated on a rickety old sofa beside a dilapidated desk and warming himself bef ore the fire rjntained in a disreputable looMng, rüsty, begrimed old stove. Weil, I made my offer and he promptly rejected it. He said he wanted $250. I saw that he meant what he said, apl the conversation soon drifted to other topics. Presently I remarked the ancient and hardly creditable appearance of the stove. " 'Yes, Carter,' said he, 'it is pretty tough, bnt it holds the coal, and that's all that's necessary.' " 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself,' I retnrned. Til teil you what 111 do. Hl just go ont and bny you a stove as a present.' " 'You will?' he eagerly asked. 'Honest.' 'Well, then, if you'U do that, I'll teil you what I'll do. 111 let you have those eighty acres at $200.' "So I went out and bought a stove and had it put up in Carter's office. The whole thing cost me $14.25. As soon as the fire was burning brigbily in it I denianded the deed to the land, paid the money and walked out of the office the absolute owner of those eighty acres. "Within a twelvemonth I was offered 400 an acre for the land and refused it. The next time I saw Carter after this offer had been made I told him about it. " 'You don't say !' he exclaimed. 'Come down to my office.' "We went. Carter took down his books and in my presence made the entry: " 'To one office stove- $16,000.' "And he carried it right through his books too, Afterward I sold the land f or


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