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A Girl's Dressing Table

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A girl's dressing table is the pride of íer room. She may have pretty pictures, a collection of photdgraphs of her sest fellows far eiceeding in nnmber ,hat of her envious girl friends; she may have a gum board of real rosewood, five dozen sachet bags and a nightgown case of real Japanese sük; yet with all these glories to outshine it, the dressing table is the pride and the piece de resistance, so to speak, of the room. The sweetest dressing table is all of glass and is provided with two shelves, an upper shelf and a lower shelf. These are of beveled glass and are held in place by beautiful gold legs. Another kind of a dressing table, less expensive, haa simply a beyeled glass cover on top, and is just a plain table elsewhere. On top of the table go the silver manicuring implements, the celluloid brnsh and comb and the ivory backed glasees and brushes. Besides this there must be the dozens of little fancy boxes, powder and puffs and bottle of cologne and perf umery. To make these bottles more ornamental manufacturera have sapplied cut glass pitchers and odd shaped things filled with perfumery of all colors. One can thus, if she be a dainty miss, and particular as to the appointments of her room, have her perfumery to match the general color of the


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