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In view oí what tbe Minnesota Senate has done, it is hoped that legtelative bodles In other Btates wlll soon take up the subject oí food adulteration. The subjolned list of baking powders containlng ammonia and alom, compilpd from official reports and pnblished in a recent number of the Sctentific American, is given below. "It deals iu a direct marnier wïth en cvü wlüch mustbe cut down" said the Chicago Tribune, in commenting on the Scientific American report. Following ia the list of AMMONIA AND ALUM BAKING POWDERS Compiledfrom Official Beports. Towders inarked with a star seem to have a general sale, as they are mentioned in at least two o( the reports. ♦ATLANTIC & PACIFIC. ROYAL. COOK'S KAVORITE, SCIOTO, CROWN, SILVER SPOON, CRYSTAL, SILVER STAR, DAISY, SKOWDRIFT, DAVIS' O. K. SOVEREIGN, DRY YEAST, STAR, (KM, STATE, GLOBE, STANDARD, KENTON, SUNKLOWER, l'EARSON'S, WASHINGTON, PERFECTION, WINDSOR, PEERLESS, . ZIPP'S GRAPE, l'URITY, CRYSTAL. There are, iu addition to the foregoing list frorn theScientiüc American a number of such powders [sold in the western that were not found in the eastem stores. Following is the list to date : CALUMET, - Contains Alum (Calumet Baking Powdor Co., Chicago.) FORÊST CITY, - ContainB Ammonia Alum (Vou wie Bros., Cleveland.) CHICAGO YEAST. íContains Arnmonia Alum (Chaprnan & Smith Co., Chicago ) BON BON, - Contains Alum HOTEL, - - Contains Ammonia Alum (J. o. Grant Baking Powder Co., Chicago.) UNRIVALED. - Containa Alum. (Sprague9, Warner & Griswold, Chicago.) ONE SPOON, TAYLOK'S, Ammonia Alum (Taylor Mfg. Co., St. Louis.) YARNALL"S. - - - Contains Alum (Yarnall Mfg. Co., St. Louis.) SHAW'S SNOW PUFF, - - Contains Alum (Merchante' Mfg. Association, St. Louis.) DODSON & HILS, - - - Contaius Alutn (Dodson & Hils, St .Louib.) SHEPARD'S, - Contains Ammonia Alum (Wm. H. Shephard, St. Louis.) BAIN'S - Contains Alum (Meyer- BaiaMfg. Co., St. Louis.) MONARCH, - Contains Ammonia Alum ÍReid, Murdoch & Co., Chicago). SNOW HALL, - - Contains Alum (Bengel Clïoee & Spice Mills. Chicago.) GIANT, - - Contains Alum M1LK, - - Contaius Alum (W. F. McLaughlin & Co. Chicago.) ECHO, - Contains Alum (Spencer Bluing Paddie Co-, Chicago ) KALBFELL'S PUHITY, - Contains Alum (Kalbfell Mfg. Co., Chicago.) RISING SUN, - Contains Aramonia (PhoenLx Chemical Works, Chicago.) WHITE ROSE, - Contains Ammonia Alum iGlobe Coffee & Spice Mills. Minneapolis. l WOOD'S ACME. - Contains Ammonia (Thos. Wood & Co., Philadelphia.) ANDREWS' PEARL, -" Contains Ammonia (C. E. Andrews & Co. Milwaukee.) HARRIES' FAVORITJS. - Contains Alum (H.H. Harries, Minneapolis.) FIDELITY, - - Contains Aluin SOLAR, - - - Contains Alum iKhnrman Hrds.. Chicaeo.) PUTNAM'S BEST, - Contains Alum ( Wells Putnam & Co., Chicago. i CHINA 'T" HOUSE. - Contains Alum (Noah McDowell, St. Paul. Minn.) TWIN CITY, - - Contatns Alum (,f. K. Ferguson, Minneapolis, Minu.) HEKCÜLES, - Contains Ammonia (Hercules Baking Powder Co., San Francisco ) CLIMAX, - - Contains Ammonia (Climax Baking Powder Co., Indianapolis.) Ammonia and alum are the mos1 comnion adulterante used in the manufacture of baking powders. The Government report shows that a large per centage of the baking powders on the market contatn elther one or the otlier, or botli pernicious drugs. Wh.-it woman would use an ammonla or alum baikng powder, if she knew it? Such powders not ouly undermine the healtli, but ammonia glves to the complexión a sallow or blotehed appearance. The presence of ammonia or alum in a baking powder, howcver, can easily be detected. To Tetect Ammonia.- Mix one heapiug teaspoonful of baking powder witli one teaspoonful of water in a tin cup; boil thoroughly for a few moineuts, stir to prevent burniiig, and if ammonia is present you can smell it in the rising tsteani. Or, place a can oí the Buspected powder top down on a hot stove for a. minute or two, then take ofi the cover and sinell. to Detect Alum.- Alum powder can be tested by putting a couple of teaspoonfulls of the powder in a glass of cold water. If no effervescence, that is bubbling or simmering, takes place, condemn the powder, and return it at once. ' Some alum powders. however, like the "Calumet," "Bon Bon," "Chicago Yeast," etc, contain phosphates in combination with alum, and with these brands the following test is simple and sure: Take one-half teaspoonful of baking powder in lid of say half-pound can; char thoroughly over a strong alcohol fíame, a good gas jet, or red hot coals. After charing (that is, burning until the whole mass is black) add a teaspoonful of water and place a bright piece of silver coin in the solul ii ui. Stir for one minute, then take out the silver. If the powder prove a oream of tartar powder the coin will be bright; if an alum powder it will have sulphur stains. Now pour a little vinegar into the lid and sinell the fumes. Alum powders give off sulphuretted hydrogen. which may be detected by its foul odor. , ., . , .._; .. - ,i..).-i_.