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George Feldkamp has sold hie farm in Sharon for $9,000. There are twenty-five foreign pupils iu the Saline school. Geo. Platt, of Webster, has enlarged his iarm by twenty acres. A special teachers' examination will be held in Manchester, Octobcr 30. Mrs. Thomas Shaw died in York, October 4, aged nearly seventy-five years. Eli Sinith, of Grass Lake, got $1120 tor his erop of 8,000 pounds of hops this year. Mrs. Anna Schaible died in Manchester, October 8, of oíd age. she was 82 years olfl. A cinnamon bear and a couple of wandeling Italians visited the western part of the county last week. Another Methodist minister, Rev. 'W. H. Bascom, of Sabula, Iowa, has been bounced for driivng fast horses. Eev. E. H. Conrad hae resigmed the pastorate of the Baptist church in 'Dexter and will remove to Kalamazop. Mrs. Orin Stair, wife of Orin Stair, formerly of Saline, more recently of Lansing, died in Grass Lake, last weck. Sonie of the Bridgewater farmers have had to drill in their wheat a second time on accoimt of the Hessiiin fly. The balloon at the Stockbridge fair ?ast week Wednesday, ' was destroyed before it went up, mnch to the disappointment of the crowd. The ncw flouring mili at South Lyon, constructed by George T. Smith, as a model mili, has a capacity of 200 barrels of flour per day. The Chelsea business men closed their stores yesterday afternoon to let their employees have an opportunity to attend the fair. The officers of the new Ypsilanti creamery association are Henry D. Platt, president; A. K. Graves, secretary; J. Evart Smith, treasurer; and Azra Fletcher and D. V. Harris, directors. The. Ypsilanti Commercial is gently reminded that not only did the receipts of the recent fair here "pay all premiums and interest on indebtedness," but it also paid all indebtedness, besides building new sheds. Capt. E. P. Allen, on his return to Ypsilanti from his recent stumping tour in Massachusetts, estimated that the republican majority in that state in Noventoer will be 20,000. We chrönicle the estímate here that all may know after election whether or not the captain is a good prophet. The " Congregational chtirca in Ypsilanti bas just celebrated itstenth anniversary. It started with 60 charter members and has at present ,160. The current expenses for the past ten years has been $11,285.03 and the total amount expended inchiding that for the building is $24,175.57. If that sort of thing should be practiced with our local elergy, Grass Lake would soon be -without spiritual shepherds. To be specific, Kev. VanAuken owns three nags and takes nobody's dust; Rev. Rupert flies along the highways like a phantom, and Kev. Winton ranges the earth like a locomotive with the throttle wide open. Grass Lake's hair stands on end as it contemplates these clergymanic ets whizzing through space.