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The animal meeting of the board of supervisors of tbis county began Monday. The supervisors were here and attlie calling of the roll Momlay moniing all answered to their ñames excepting Supervisors Burtless, Case, Osborne and W alter, who appeared later. Supervisor Alfred Davenport, of York, presided with becoming dignity. .David Edwards, republieau, of Ypsilar.ti, was made chairmau pro tem. Walter S. üilbie was recognized as supervisor frotu Ann Arbor tuwn. Mr. Miner was appointed a committee to draft suitabie resolutions relating to the death of Thomas Burlingame. Monday afternoon the basis of equalization was fixed at $25,000,000, the same as last year. The rules of last year were readopted and the chair authorized to appoint the usual standing conjmittees. This ended the business of the ürst day. On Tuesday the report of the Auditor General of the amonnt of state taxes apportioned to the county, published in the Argus last week, and the report of the Jmlge of Probate on the insane. also synopsized in these columns last week, were mul. The game and üsh warden asked the board to provide adequate compensation Eor deputy wardens and Hughes and Gijbert W&re appointed a special committee on the subject. It was decided to visit the county house in a body next Tuesday, and Messrs. Young and Bennettjivvere appointed to test the carriages to see if they would safely contain the board's avoirdupois. The following standing committees were appointed: On equalization- Young, Burtless, Kearne. Dansingburg and Duffy. Criminal Claims, No. 1-DePuy, Van Sickle and Hughes. Criminal Claims, No. 2- Osborne, Gilbert and Howard. Civil claims- Walter, Case and Oesterlin. To settle with county officers- Sweetland, Ball and Jedele. On salaries of county officers- Breining, Edwarde and Bilbie. On apportionment- Forsyth, Bennett and Baumgardner. On public buildings- Jedele, Bennett and DePuy. On rejected taxe6- Breining, Hunter and Weidmayer. To examine accounts of superintendeuts of the poor- Howard, Speechly and rtweeiland On flnances- Hughes, Miner and Osborne On fractional school districts- Oesterlm, Gilbert and Howard. On drains- Walter, Dansingburg and Breining. On printing- Case, Oesterlin and Hunter. Per diem- Kilbie, Edwarde and VanSickle. The biels for printing the proeeedings in pamphlet, fonn and in the papers were read, viz.: Argus. Tr,; Register, S(9.50; Courier, 869.25; Ypsilanti Sentinel, $6!.3S. All the bids were below cost. The pripting was awarded to the Coarier, although some of the supervisors desired the printing to be dcne in the Argus, on the ground that itscirctilation among the farmers was so mueh greater. Bids for medical attendaiice at the jail were asked lor to be in by OetobiT 21. Theclerkwas given $35 for furnishing the printer with a copy of the proceedings. Vacancies in the committee for bnrying deeeased Union soldiers were fllled by the appointmaiit of John Flynn, of the third ward of Ann Arbor, K. M. Nowland, of Ann Aibor town, Nelson B. Tuttle, of Ypsilanti town. The following very touching memorial was read by Mr. Miner, of the special commitlee: The undersigned, the committee to whom was retened the drafting of resolutions expressive of the grief of this board at the death of Mr. Thomas O. JJurliugame, late supervisor of the township oi Ann Arbor, respectfully report liiat We are well assured that words are but idle tliings with which to express the seüse (f loss which this board experieurrs in the deatli of our beloved colleiigue. Not all our prayers and hopes availed to keep witli us the dear familiar lrieiid whose presence for many years at the meeting of our board was a potent inllueuce aud a powerful factor ror ihe general good. llis place in our councils know him no mote, and his voice so often heard in its modest but manly eloquence, no longer mingles in our debates. Our unavailing tears are the silent witnesses of our bereavement. His record of public work during his connection with this board is "'the monument more lasting than brass' of his services to society and his constituency. 'Tan storied urn or animated bust Hiu-K toiis uiansiuii ctiU the ll;etiiiL breath; Cuu honor's voicí provoke the sileutdust, Or flattury sootlie tho dull, cold ear of death." The pathway of human lite is bese witli grief and longiug for departec friendo: We cannot formúlate our sor row in worde but we can endeavor to perpetúate the' uieinory of those who üiiviiig gone before, yet are not l'orgot ten. ifour coujüiittöe, therefore, reconi meixls that your lionorable body se apart a pape in youí procfiedings to the niemory ui Tiiomaa G. .Burlingame, that tliis report of your committee, should it meet your approval, be spreau üierein, tliat i copy thereof be forwarded to tlje widow of the deeeased, and that as men and citizens we all strive to emulate the virtues which adorned the life and character of our departed associate. i On motion of Mr. Duffy, the report was uiianimously adopted by a rising vote. Wednesday, business was not rushing. The election of drain commissioner and the reception of the drain report were made a special order for next Wednesday afternoon. No committees being ready to report an adjuumment was had until ïhursday. Thursday the report of the county treasurer was referred, without reading, to the committee to settle with county offlcers. A supplementary report.showingthat the interest paid the bank for overdrafts during the past year, was $805.80, and the interest received on deposits, $193.81, a balance in favor of the bank of $611 99, was referred to the committee on finance. Judge Kinne reported that the lightiag of the court room was not satisfacH'iv. as during dark days in winter lighting was necessary during the day. Tne report was accepted. The Hausïïeund was awarded the Germán printing of the proceedings for $48. A number of bilis weie allowed, including one of $300 of M. J. Lehman, for services a prosecuting attorney in the justice courts. The flne money paid into the treasury suice January 1 was reported as $834, as follows: Justice Pond, $143; Justice Butts, $-54; Justice Bogardus, :lii7; Justice Gable, $1-5; ClerkBrown, $15. It will be noticed that $197 of the Continued on eight page. OUR COÜNTY SOLTNS. tContinucd froin lirhih Pag"O0 I line nioiiey comes from Ann ArborJ $107 from YpsiLanti, $15 fioin Aukusih and $15 t'roni the circuit court. Diuing the same time $9 was paid into the treasury oí Aun Arbor city as fines. Thursday afternoon the report of tl e superintendent of the poor was listenen to. This showed that the average eost per weekof keeping the inmates of the eounty house, outside of the produce of the farm, was $1.184. The male paupers maintained during the year, was 171; the female, 36; a total of 207. The average number of inmates was 75. There were 3 under 16, 8 mildly insane, 4 mutes, and 4 idiots. The nativity was as follows: American, 103; Irish, 43; Germau, 37; English, 10; Canadian, 4; Scotch, 4; Frencu. 2; It alian, Welsh, Swiss, and Sicilian, each 4. During the year there were 9 deaths and 1 birth. Tlie board recognizing the wants of the eounty treasury do not ask for any eounty appropriation this year, believing that the balance ou hand will carry them through. The receipts for the year were as follows: Balance, Oct. 1.1890 S4$63 07 From towns and cities 3,0)1 37 Appropriation by supervisors 2,000 00 From Couuty Farm.-. 514 80 Total 9Ü5) 14 The expenses were : Outside rélief $1,088 42 Expenses County House 4,603 91 Tld orders paid 221 51 Ï5.863 48 Oíd orders outstanding 578 68 5,284 70 Treasurer's balance Í4,525 44 The items of expense at the county house over $200 in amount were salaries and help, $1,460.70; beef, $485.63; groceries and provisions, $823.32; wood and coal, $655.30. Thp amount due the poor fund from the various cities and towns is as follows: Ann Arbor city. $971 Oö Ann Arbor town 134 93 Augusta ' 61 62 ?reedom._ 17 78 Lodi 119 35 -ima 61 62 jyudon. 3 05 Hanchester 76 69 Northfleld :;ii '. Sharon, 80 (9 Sylvan 30 67 Saline 61 62 Superior 294 22 Scio 56 21 Pittsfleld .-. 22 52 Webster 56 21 Ypsilanti 123 24 The county farm products for the year amounted to $1,509.60, and that 5n the leased Howe-North farm to $649.90. The personal property of the county is valued as follows: Stock on farm, $923.25; farm implements, $500; goods on hand, $2,000.