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A new file case has been put in the ounty clerk's ofiieo. Telephone No. 99 lias been placed n the Two Sams'. Ex-prof. E. Jones, now of MUwaukee, Wis., has been in the city. Steffey & Serviss now handle the ity circulation of the Times. Dr. W. W. Nichols has broken ground or his new liouse on Hill street. The ladies of St. Andrew's cliurch held a tea social in Harris hall, last evening. The Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti motor ine carried 19,000 passengers during September. On Monday evening Ann Arbor lodgip, I. O. G. Ü., will mleet for the election of officers. The October meeting of the Board f Regents of the University will be held next Wednesday. The nevr engine whieh furnishes powr for the electric railway has arrived and been plaed in position. Mr. John Keenan, of Xbrth Main straet, is erecting a new house on the south side of his property. The ladies' aid society of the M. E. ehurch meet at the residence of Mrs. E. A. Calkins, on S. State street, this afternoon. Christian Dobler was drunk Sunday and the officers put him in jail. Monday he paid $5.20 to Justice Butts for his fun. Chas S. Millen and John C. Meade have been drawn as jurors in the U. S. District Court, at Detroit, for the November term. Monday, Tom Jones, jr., was arnested on an old warrant lor assault and battery. Jones skipped at the time and only recentyl returned. The Unity Club gives its opening social next Monday evening, at eight o'clock in the parlors of the Unitarian church. All are cordially invited. A very sad accident is chronicled by our Milan correspondent this week. A little child was scalded to death by íalling into a boiler of hot water. Chas. Babcock, law '91, of Mecedah, Wis., has been with friends in this city the past week. He is on his way to Europe, whcre he will spend a year The examination of Vm. J. Clark, charged with bastardy, was concluded before Justice Pond, Wednesday, and he was held for trial in the circuit court. Burning leaves all over the city is nOw in season. Either the ordinance against burning leaves in the streets Bhould be enforced or it should be repealed. The Teachers' Council of the M. E. church met at the parsonage, last evening, to consider the advisabüity of adopting the normal system in the Sunday school. Kev. Mr. Holland, the new assistant rector in St.Andrew's parish, preached his first sermón to the congregation here, Sunday evening, and made an excellent impression. The faculty of the University has issued a manifestó that students violating the city ordinances and state laws will be expelled from the University if found out. At the meeting of the school board Tuesday evening, Thad. Thompson was appointed truant officer, and he will now see thát no more children run away Irom school. At the annual meeting of the congregation of Zion church, Christian Mack and George Miller were elected elders ,and Frederick Schmid, Frederlck Steeb and August Hinz, trustees. Genive Covert, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Covert, of Ann street, died Saturday, of dysentery, aged 7 years. The funeral was held at the Catholic church, Monday morning. Matthew Jensen's wagon was struck while crossing the Central track in Qhelsea, yesterday, by an express train. Mr. Jensen was thrown out but fortunately escaped without serious injuryBev. B. B. Tyler, who delivered the dedicatory address at the Church of Christ, Sunday afternoon, occupied the pulpit at the Baptist church, Sunday evening. All Sons of Veterans who are attending the University are especially invited to attend the meeting of J. T. Jacobs' Camp, No. 00, on Thursday ere., October 15. EDWIN E. HALLET, Act. Adjt. The treasurer oí the Washicnaw Agricultural and Horticujtural society has sent chocks to all persons who had premiums awarded them at the recent fair. Kev. J. T. Sunderland will speak at the Unitarian church, next Sunday morning, on "James Kussell Uowell," and in the evening on "The Great Sacred Books of Mankind." J. W. Hogers ,of HUI street, raised on 231 square fcet of ncw land 51 bushels of 8-rowed dent eorn. That was a good yield, and he feela Justly proud of his success. - Times. Pretty good for a city farmer. Secretary Wade has again advertised for bids to construct the additions to the law and engineering buildings. He has done this twice before, the bids received exteoding the appropriation. Services will be resuraed in the Cnitarian church next Sunday. In the morning Rev. J. T. Sunderland will take íor his subject, "James Russell Lowell,"' and ín the evcning, "The Bibles of Mankind." The creamery at tuis city is payIng S5 cents a hundred for October milk. They have a good demand for their producís, most of which is consumed at home, and are unable to supply the Detroit demand. The famous Chequamegon orchestii will be governed by the following ofíicers, who were elected Monday evening: Cari Warden, president; Walter Moore, vice-president; Fred ilcOmber, business manager; Geo. T. Clark, secretary; Geo. Vanderwarker, treasurer. The laculty of the school of pharmacy and the local druggists will give a reception at the chemical laboratory, next Wednesday evening, to the members of the State Pharmaceutical aesociation, which meets here next week. Lawrence Damm was before Justice Pond, Saturday afternoon, charged with keeping his saloon open after hours. He waived examination and was bound over to the circuit court, where he plead guilty Monday and was fined $25. John Schmidt was brought before Justice Pond, yesterday, charged with malicious injury to property. The complainant is Philip Blum, who claims that the defendant kiilled his chickens. Schinidt's examination was set lor the 20th. Philetus Case has left with Davis & Worden two specimens of the Empire State potato that are curiosities. One weighs five and the other four pounds, and each consists of seven perfect potatoes from. ome root closely joined together.- Ypsilanti SentineL Saturday evening the team of Christian Aprill ran away on S. Fourth avenue. In front of the residence of George Feiner they ran into a carriage belonging to Fred Barker, smashing it to pieces. Aprill's horses were stopped afterwards, no other damage being done. The Grass Lake News man, who assumes to know everything, says, "In Ann Arbor, the prayer meetings are poorly attended and half the men go to church on Sunday." The Grags Lake News man does not show any evideuce of ever having gone to church on Sunday. Kight Eminent Sir Edward C. Smith, of Pontiac, Grand Coramander of Knights Templar of Michigan, will pay an official visit and inspection to Ann Arbor Commandery, next Monday evening, and as a eonsequencé the local members are busy polishing their swords and brushing the cobwebs from their uniforms. Wesleyan chapter of the Epworth League met on Monday evening and elected the following officers: Frank llanny, president; Cari Perry, lst viecpresident; Miss Hattie Crippen, 2nd vlce-president ;Miss Anna Adams, 3rd vwe-pi-esident; Mr. Mighell, 4th vicffpresident; John H. Frost, secretary; M. W. Blake, treasurer. The finding in the case of Zenns Swect, executor of the estáte of John Sweet, against the M. C. B. B., has been affirmed by the supreme court. The jury rendered a verdict of $5,000 in May, 1890, which the Michigan Central will now be obliged to pay, together with interest and the costs which are $130. Louis Blitz, the proprietor oï the Iwo Sams clothing store, in this city, will ncver cross the ocean again, il he knows it. He was a passenger on the Augusta Victoria, which had one of the roughest times that any vessel ever had, many of the passengers being injured by being thrown about by the rough eeas. Mr. Blitz is now recuperating at the hotel St. Dennis, in New York, for a week before attempting to return to his Detroit home. George A. Katzenberger, lit 90, who since his graduation has been in Germany, taking a two semesters' ' course in Heidelberg, has returned to Baden, from a five weeks' tour among theBlack Forest and Yoges momitains !and as lar solith as ililan. He Is about to return to thi3 country, of which he says, "than which none other." The young son of Jacob Zeob, of Scio, knows how it feels to have a bullet carry off the end of nis thuinb. taking part of his index finger, and then lodge itself in his lég. Tlic boy was pounding cartridges , Sunilay. when one explodefl witli tjie aljove results. Dr. Kapp dressed the wounds. Checks have been giveu to the iair employees this week. Payment of ttoe premiums have been delayed a few days on account of the illness of Trtiasurer Paul. The gates of the fair were opened this year with the society $362 in dbt. This was paid and a nice surplus left in the treasuvy. About i $400 was spent in permanent improvements on the grounds. AVhen time rolls around for another twelve-month, the Messrs. Haines will not be able to recognize the child that repaid them so well for giving it birth. I The latest project is to extend the motor Unte to Harria street, where the shops will be moved, coal dock erected, and lacilities for awltchlng put in. This will end the nuisance of coaling and watering at the present terminus. - 1