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A Concert To-morrow Night

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The ladies of the Library Association are making a great effort to pay the debt on their building. The original mortgage which was $2,600 has gradually been reduced until at the last annual meeting in April itwas $900. Mr. Henning then offered to give one hundred dollars on condition that the remainder -was raised before the n%xt annual meeting. Since then members of the board and other friends have subscribed on the same conditions such generous sums that only $525 remain to be raised. Prof. Stanley has very kindly conented to gire an organ recital fur this object to-morrow evening, Oct. 24th, in the Congregational church, and it is hoped that the friends of the Ladies' Library will do what they can ;o xnake the concert a success. Once relieved from the burden of debt, the association will, it is connfidently beieved, be able to carry on its useful work in this cornmunity with greater success than ever before. , Prof. A. A. Stanley, organist, will be assisted by Mrs. Frank Bulkliy, soloist; Mr. Edward Bilbie, violinist; Prof. Kempf and others. PROGRAMME . I. a. Bach, Locata and Fugue in D minor, b. Handel. Concerto in B flat, 1 movement. II. Haft. Cavatina Mr. Bilbie III. Kheinberger. Sonata, Op. 9, A minor. Allegro, Moderato, Intermezzo, Fugue, Cromatica. IV. Seleetion ..Congregationai Ctaurch Choir V. a. Mascagni. Intermezzo from "Cavalleria Rusticana. b. Gounod. Funeral Maren of a Marionette. c. Schumann. Night Song, Op. 23, No. IV d. Schumanu. Schuzino, l'roin Op. 26. VI. Holden "The Light trom Heaven." Mis. Frank BulklC'3'. (Violin Obligato by Mr. Bilbie.) VII. Wagner. Hafi Lohengrin Fantasie (By request.)