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LOKFICIAL. I COÜNCIL CHAMBER, I AXN Arbok, MiCH.,Oct. 22, 1891. f Special meeting. President Cooley being absent, the Council was called to order by the City Clerk. Roll cali. A quorum present. Absent.- Aid. Mann, Herz, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Rehberg and Pres. Cooley. Aid. Kitson moved that Aid. Hall act as President pro tem. Carried. The cali for the special meeting -was read and the following business transacted: BEPORT OF PÓLICE COMMITTEE. To the Comnwn Council : Your Committee on Pólice, to whom was referred the nomination of Jas. R. Murray as truant officer, respectfully report that they have had the matter under consideration and are of the opinión that the Marshal has now all of tlie duties whieh it is prudent to impose and that such nomination ought not to be confirmed. Your Committee further report that they have had conference with the Board of Education, that such board has made arrangement with one Thad deus Thompson and have asked lor his appointment on the pólice forcé at the expense of said Board of Education and that after said appointment he be detailed as truant officer. s Your Committee recommend that he he be eo appointed and detailed. All of which is respectfully submitted. WALTER L. TAYLOR, L. D. WINES, C. MARTIN, Pólice Committee, Alderman Martin moved that the report of the Pólice Committee on Truant Officer be accepted and adopted, which motion prevalled as iollows: Yeas- Aid. Wlnes, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, Taylor, Hall and Kiteon - 7. Nays- None. On motion the Council adjourned.