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The Secret Of Fine Pastry

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Is wholly in using Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder. The only pure Cream Tarter Powder sold on the market. Other brands contain either ammonia, alum or some other adulterant. Ammonia or alum powders dry out, make the dough too porous, leaving a bitter taste, etc. No agency has assisted so much toward perfection in cookery as Price's Cream Baking Powder. lts ingredients are simple and so blended ato exist in exact chemical proportions, so af ter use there is never any excess of either lef t in the food. Henee there can be no impurities whatever left in the finished food. No bitter taste, no taint of ammonia, but food raised with Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder partakes of the natural sweet flavor of the flour and keeps moist and f resh for days. This powder possesses qualities peculiar to it alone. No other makes sucb delicious pastry. No other contaias the white of egss,