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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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Philander Perkins, of the Adrián Press, writes as follows: A pleasant stranger last week at Aun Arbor, dlseoursed go entertalningly wlth Tony Schlappacassee, In front of his store, that he was unaware of the presence in the store, of the stranger's confedérate, who tapped Tony's till of $100, or aearly :is ïnany dollars as Sehiappacasse bad letters in his name. A pursuit was instituted and at Chelsea live ïuen, beiug hotly cliased, sprang on a rtray and ran the horse to a swamn, wheré llicy jumped otf and plunged in One tv'as eaught and $20 in alhrer were fonnd on his perèon. At, the Methodist cliurch in .V.m Arbor recently, the minister gáve out the eloslng hymn, and ;ill rose aad wniiwl tor tho organist to begin the disturbnneo. That riinctionary soored several times unsuccossfully, audgot as K'd in the face a a prize beet at a fair, the minister coughed and tho, aufiienee looked foollsh. The org'.'in stood with mute anguish lepicted on ite countenance, as thpugh it would say, "Don't be hard on me; I gncss I"ve got a stroke ot paralysis." Then someone thought to go around behind the instrument and kick the boy that is liired to blow the bellows. He woke op with a snort, seized the lever, and the strains of the Doxology were soon jarring the walls of the edifice. Thore have been thirty-two commitmente for hisanity from Washtenaw county, during the past year. Physielaas do not aséame to determine the cause of this frightful increase of lunacy, but from the distempered ravings of many of the patiënte, it is belleved that most of them lost their mental balance, trying to reconcile Capt. Allen's promises concerning the price of wool, with thr factR. Mr. Jamiary is an attorncy-at-law n Detroit; Mr. March, is a república n chaw-em-up-quick editor, and íostmaster at Hillsdale; Mr. Aprile resides at Ann Arbor; Ex-Licutenant Governor May is a resident of Kalaniazoo; Mr. June Uves near Clinton, and Mr. July carries on an existence n Deerfield. H t # # A new Ann Arbor attorney tried lis first case in the Washtcnaw circuit last week, where a man was befoi-e the bar of justice íor smashing nto a baggage room and stealing a valise. The jury considered that he íad been punished enough by his lawyer's defense and found him not guilty. Charles C. Woodward, formcrly of :his city, now clerk of the Normandie, has just been given a full-bloodcd English grey hound, of which the Freo Press says: "The 'animal is in as perect state of attenuation as evor a greyhound was, its ribs stand out with tlue distinctness of stripes on a mrber pole. The dog is an exceedingly suppte, agüe bnute, however, and the graceful case with which it ,eaped pver an omnibus standing in 'ront of the Normandie yesterday afternoon, somewhat alarmed Carr & Reeve, prorietors of that hotel, who w"ere afraid it would be jumping its board bill in th'e eourse of a week or two. Tlo dog is very appropriatoly called Cassius, because it's so 'loan and hüngry' looking, and aï.ter it had slipj.ed over its head and devoured, braas Baila and all, a handsonyj and costly sole-leather collar, that Mr. Woodward had just clasped around its tapering neek, the brass cuspidors w-ere removed trom the hotel office, and 'Cassius' was itied fasfc to a stone pillar in the basement ."