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A Society Fable

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A Horse, made restless in tho night by reason of the sounds of revelry in h3 Master's Palatial Mansion at the other end ol the lot, slipped his Halter, and in the absence of the Hostler, who was in the basement makiag love to the Chambermaid, he strolled leisurely out into the back yard and carne to the House. Peering into the windows, which were open for Ventilation, the Horse heard the conversation of numberless'Nice Young Men present, and old ones also, ind observed, too, the general style of them. The more he beard the less favorably he became impressed, and when One at a rear Wlndow blew a cloud of Cigarette smoke into his face the limit was reached, and the Horse boldly walked up through the portcochere and was half way into the large and elegant hall of the Mansion, when his Master, hearing the unusual disturbanca, carne forth. "Get outl" he exclaimed angrily, "what in Thunder are you doing here?" "Going into Society," replied the Horse in a soft, pleasant voice. "Well, you cannot come in here. This Is no place for you." "Why not?" inquired the Horse very respectfully. "Because it isn't. You belon? in the stable?" "Rats," answered the Horse, forgetting his training and manners; Society relegatesa ΓΌ :-e to the Stable when it welcomes .so uuMiy Donkeys to the Parlor." His Master was so greatly shocked by this heretical utterance that he caught up a heavy Whip from the Hat rack and larruped the Horse until he was really glad to get back into his Stall. Moral- Don't talk about vour kinfnlka.