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That the Choral Union series is by far the finest and most ambitious series of concerts ever given by or under the auspices of any student organization is a matter of intense interest and justifiable pride to all loyal U. of M. students, as well as to the entire community. It may not be generally known, however, that this is the most important series given in the state. That such a series, involving the expenditure of several thousand dollars, is possible at such extremely low prices shows conclusively that there is a true appreciation of music in this busy community, and that almost any thing is possible if the students and citizens combine to secure it. There is an ever increasing pride in University enterprises, which the Daily rejoices in, and which it hopes to de velop still more fully. The work o the Choral Union itself has always been one of the most interesting features of these entertainments, anc we are glad that ten Choral concerts are announced. The quality of tone in this year's chorus is even supe rior to that of last year's, and the enthusiasm shown last Tuesday evening at the first regular rehearsal proves that the new members have become imbued with the true spirit of loyalty to the Choral Union. The first concert at which the chorus appears is No. 4 in the series, and occurs Feb. 12. The chorus will be assisted by a full orchestra, Miss Ginevra Johnston Bishop (whose singing at the Commencement concert invoked much enthusiasm) and other soloists to be announced later. The final concert of the series will be a memorable one, for the work to be formed is one which has never been given outside of the very largest cities, and a work of such importance has never been attempted by any student organization. "The Damnation of Faust," by Berlioz, requires a superb chorus, the finest soloists and an exceptionally large and well balanced orchestra. The orchestration is simply gorgeous, while the whole work illustrates the most dramatic portions of Goethe's poem with a power for which we seek in vain in Gounod's Opera. This final concert will represent an expenditure nearly equal to the expenses of the entire series of the year before last. The Boston Symphony Orchestra, under Mr. Nikisch, will again rejoice the hearts of our music lovers. Did the Choral Union present nothing but these three concerts, it would still give more than an equivalent for the price of an associate membership ticket. But on Nov. 13 we find included in the series the Detroit Philharmonic Club, (one of the four leading quartets of the country) and Madame Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler, the one pianist who could take Miss Ausder Ohe's place. She is a pianist of wonderful genius, and we can surely predict that her appearance will be an ovation. Dec. 9, Ouide Musin, the eminent Belgian violinist, assisted by Madame Musin, 'soprano, and several others, will appear in a fine program. Jan. 30, a concert which wlil be almost entirely one of songs will be givenby Miss Nayp Rhodes, a soprano of exceptional ability; Mr. Arthur Beresford, base; and Mr. Whitney Mackridge, tenor, assisted by a charming young violinist, Miss Belle R. Butsford. The sale of tickets must be large to warrant so expensive a series, but the Choral Union has always more than redeemed the pledges given the public, and it is hopèd that the support given will enable it to give more than promisee. These tickets may be obtained of canvassers, also at Carkins' drug store and the Ann Arbor Organ Co. 's music store. Season tickets, price, JS2.00. No single admission tickets sold, except under the restrictions imposed by the by-laws of the society. - U. of M. Daily. Sunday cvening, a hoi-sc belonging to John Gordon, of Saline, was stolen from the barn of Cumstock HUI, of York. The norse was a largo brown animal, with three white íeet and a white star in forehead, about fifteen hands high, and weighing 1,100 pounda. The thief aslo took an open buggy and'two blankets. Sheriff Dwyer wants the thief and will pay $50 Ineward for the arrest of the thief.