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Michigan Vs. Olivet

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The foot-ball team left Ann Arbor at 7:40 o'clock Monday morning, and ariived at Olivet at 1 o'clock. The game was commenced at 2:30 o'clock, half hour halves being played. H. G. Prettyman acted as referee, Mr. Harris, of Olivet, as umpire, and Ralph Stone as timeceeper. The final score was 18 to 6 in Michigan's favor, being 6 to 6 at the end of the first half. Olivet scored two points on a safety, and 4 on a touch-down. The safety was made when an Olivet player broke through the line and stopped Dufïy's dek, Duffy dropping on the ball. 'he touch-down was made from the 25-yard line, whüe two men deliberately held Van Inwagen. Michigan's touch-downs were made by Grosh, two, and Van Inwagen, one. The greatest gains for Michigan were made by end runs, Van Inwagen and Duffy making runs of 10 and 30 yards at a time. -The Olivet rush line repeatedly rushed Michigan's line for gains of from one to eight yards. The team seems to be unable to stop a short rush. The tackling, also, was much too high, although at times some beautiful tackles were made. The ball was within Olivet's 25-yard line during most of the game, but when Michigan semed sure of a touch-down, the ball would be stopped and secured by Olivet. This occurred repeatedly. The men were more familiar with the signs than on Sa.turday, but they did not line up quickly, nor play with the proper snap. In both the Albion and Olivet games, Michigan started out with omething like the proper vigor and snap, but after about ten minutes the playing would lag, and the opponents, by means of short rushing, would forcc the ball back to the middle of the field. Olivet played a much more scientific game than Albion, and if they had Albion's "beefy" line would be formidable antagonists for the U. of M. The contest between Albion and Olivet on Saturday, the 3ist, will te a close one, and it is a toss up as to the winner. The new men on Michigan's team yesterday, were Wicks and Powers. Wickes played at centre, and played a very pluckygame. He never played centre before, and he was more than a match for Olivet's centre. Powers excelled at tackling, at which'he did as well as anyone on the team, Sherman, Grosh and Dygert probably excepted. Michigan's first goal was made in four minutes. Van Inwagen made some long end runs during the latter part of the first half although he was not as well blocked as he ought to have been. Powers stopped Olivet's goal by jumping and striking the ball wiih his hands. Van Inwagen and Duffy made runs of 30 yards apiece in the first part of the second half, but in both instances lost the ball to Olivet by fumbles. Grosh bucked the centre in fine style, making gains of 5 yards repeatedly.- U. of M. Daily. Soils without iron produce weak, palé, íeoble planta. It is nccessary for the green colonne matter.