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Weak, Nervous Men

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i - !. w TOC, who have been humbuggedby the "Electric Belts,""FellowSi:f. p "V i ferer," "Crayon," "Vacuüm," "Nervine," "Free tí J UnilnQíDIC Cure," quacks.and who nave foundyourselfgr.w. i'jB nUNUnHDLL ing worse and worse, You, who have given up i 'lü-TKar, a despair, sayine. "I am doomed; there is no hopo .3BL 1 for me;" to you I aay: CP, and SAVE ÏOUBSBLF! T1IKKK IS HOPK! Í JE JkM THEBE IS A CURE ! No matter what you have taken or who has faili-d '&r6jfiíüx cure yu' "rite me a full history of your case ! jánB and send for Book (free) CIIPPCCCCIII acd Qaestlon List. f gW' vwk Thoaiands ( ured. uUuuLuurUL Fortf yn' experieno. Vfc ■ 1 Consult the Oíd Doctor All Prlrate, Hortons and I ímafeV 'JL CHBONIC DISEA8KS of either sex skillf ully and successf ully treated ar.d L J' ''Tfev a rure gnarftnteed in every curable case. Married men or those abont to "EJMnjfl marry, who dread their weakness or iucapacity, or whose blood is loaüt-d tMH s w'tb impurities transmUsible to offspring, should - - 'SS Wft? coDSUlt the celebrated Dr. Clarke at once. TDCATMPNT W sultation personally or by letter, free and confl. nLH I ITlLil I -vssï"dential. Medicines sent everywhere, secure from Establiihed 1851. ezposure. A f riendly letter may ald you and direct you to health. Address OR. F. D. CLARKE, Merrill Block, cor.woodw.ra wremniTe., Detroit, Mich.