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The eighteenth anuual district meeting of the Woman's Foreign Miss'.onary society began Wednesday aftêrnoon and1 the first day was taken up by addresses by Dr. Meta Howard, a return niissionary from Corea, and the lirst medical wornan missionary sent to Corea. Corea, she said, was as largo as Michigan and had 13,000,000 inhabitants. It is situated between China and Japan, and is seventy-iive miles distant from Japan. The peopleVare nearly as white as Americans. They are a brave people and have hiad to defend their country against the Chinese and Japanese. The czar of Russia now has nis eyes on the country as a point from which to attack China. The missionaries are favorably received by the government, which doesn't object to their teaching the children, but is unfriendly to Catholic missionaries. The children marry when ten years oíd. The bride, when 'she1 goes to thie bridal altar, has her eycs closed vrtth pitch and her face painted. After marriage, slie lives with her mother-in-law as her servant. she1, has to make obeisance to her seve)-;ü times and to wake her up at one o'clock for that purpose. ïlie wonien are never allowed to leave the house, and in high lüe. if a woman is iound out of doors she disgraces her family and thc.y lose caste. The Coreans hare' no religión of thcir own. They have' no alphabet and their language is all in monosyllables. The children easily learu to read and are easily convarted. Dr. Howard thought that -vith a sufficient number of missionarifes tthe country could be Christianize.d in ten years. Mre. Johnston made the address of wcHeome, Wednesday evening, and Irs. Kynd, of Adrián, and a lady from HudBon made soine very interesting reniarks. The business men's quartette rcnd(ered some fine music and' Miss Davis played an organ solo. Mrs. E. Grait Cobern read an eutertainiug essay yesterday and Rer. Camden LM. Cobern delivered a lecture last evening on the Romanee of Egypttan Mfissions.