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How A Law Student Won A Bride

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Dispatches from Bad Axe givc the follo-n-ing account of a romantic episode, in which a law student was one ol the prominent actors. That it is undoubtedly correct is shown by the record oí inarriage liceuses. in this county, wnich contains the nanies of thei parties jnentioued. The dispatch sayec "Bad Axe, Mich., Oct. 27.- A romantic marriage took place at Bayport, this county, Saturday, between lid. Reed, a student in the law depártment oí the University of Michigan, and Miss Anna, daughter ol Bobert Wallace, ot Port Austin. Mr. Wallace is a very wealthy pioneer quarryman, having operated quarrioH for majny years at Grtndstone City. He has four sous: Lee and John, -vvho have a quarry at Grindstone' City; Will, manager of the Bayport quarries, and Sam, a medical student at Anu Arbor and a chum Ol Mr. Keed's. The latter luis long be?n an admirer of his chum's pretty sister, but was not acceptable to her pareuts. Her iather had gone so far as to sternly forbid him to offer any attentions to his daughter. Laat week Miss Aimie went to the Bayport quarry to visit her brother xvn The Saturday morning tram brougbt Sam and Reed í rom the university. On their arrival Mr. Keed was asked his business by Will. He inswered that lie had an invnnuon to spend Sunday wlth Miss Wallace. Wil) promptly ördered Mm to leave hy the iirst train. Mr Keed, however, stayed around Uil later in the day, when Sam and Anale drove over to the Bay lort snmmer resort ior some fish, taMng Reed with them. On arriving at Bayiport, 6am went down on the pier to buy the iish, very considerately leaving the other two alone. Reed hunted up a clergyman, and haring prevtously obtained a marriage license, was united to Miss Wallace, immcdiately ■ lea ving on tlie first train ior parts unknown. l Sam, with the fish, drore home alone, secretly rojoicing."