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John Watts sold his pony to Dr. Xancrede, of Ann Arbor, last week. W. E. Stevenson is to bc seen on rutones, nowadays. He was kicked by one of his colts and the shin bone ractured. Mis. R. W. Webb, daughter of IU ï. Glenn, wlio was home last month on a visitr has arrived safely at her lome in Dakota. Mr. H. M. Twamley is buying and olling quite a few sheep this fall He don't take to corn husking sinco i has driven the big greys. , Letters from Benney Glenn in Dakota state that he and Geo. Webb vill stay there a month more. B. H. s working at the carpenter's trade now. Burt Hadley and W. H. Glenn huskd and cribbed seventy-five bushels of orn, one day last week, tying the talks and setting them up, in elght ïours. R. T. Whalain is the Champion beau aiser in this vicinity, and will barrel more good apples than any other two armers in the town. He is a farmer as well as a good soldier. Miss Tirzah Twamley was called o Ann Arbor last week to stay with ter cousin Lena Parshall, while Lena's ïother was attending the funeral of her eldest daughter in Chicago. P. W. Watts met with a serious ccident Thursday last. While plckn,g' apples from a very tall tree, the adder turned, throwing him to the round. He was found by passing hreshers, insensible, with two ribs nd a collar bone broken and it is eared with internal injuries. He is nder the care of Dr. Dubois, of Unadilla.