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No Money Eequired of Keponslble Parties to Oommeuue Treatinent. Formerlvof New York, now the celebratedExamining Pnysician3 and Surgeonsof the Fruth Mecic-al and Sindical lnstitute, Chloaaro, XII., by rranes of nny I ríenos and Patients. have decieied to visit ANJST ABIiOR THURSDAY, N0VEM33B, 26, '93. Consultation and Examination free and strictly confidentiai in the prívate parlors of ONE DA Y ONLV. D. 0. FRUTH. A. C. FRUTH. Celebrated Surgoon. Exarniníns Phys.clan, Oí Tur. Fru+h, Medical and SurgióO."'. Isa.3titute. Permanently established and incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois, with a capital stock of, for the scientific and successful treatment of all forms of Chronic and Sexual Diseases, Catarrh, Asthnia; Stomach, Kidney, Bladder Xarous and Special Deseases of Men and Wbmen. Ably assisted by a full staff of eminent physicians and surgeons for every department of medicine and surgery. Femáis Diseases positively cured by a , Kidney anci Bladder Diseases nevírfailiñgmethod. Alióme treatment Brtgbfs Ölsease, Diabetes and Idndredmala tírelyharmftasana eatfly applied. dies treated and onrt-s effectedin Aousanasol tïon ' iree and strietly conHdential. cases that hart been prODOuno d beyond hope. nr Prnth after vears of experience has Private Dlstesses-Wood Polsjin. SvpvVitaldramm Lriue Ioctnrmu losses lm ,.,,„, ien,t0.nrtoftrv orjrans, speedüy H$MSSLi -Premature 'dec I nï i th and pernjenenHy oured. fto , riri jjwnri. i S. V' nVion iml hpforeidloov inConsnltanon freo and atriotly oonfldential . SSSSÁSrSSmSSS&i Mun-rw tree trom obalrratlon to al) These ' ter, ["&. disorders arise from rumous Parts-I ihr L mtc.i States. nvaotloesof youth, bllthlng U(e most radiant Catarrh Cured. Catarrlial atiections ot hopee patiënt for study, society, or the iuiso. throat, langs mui ptomach. bronDiai-ria"e. Aunually sweeping to an uueliiti?. astlima, conBxmiptlon and dyspepsia t!mely irravn thousands of men ui successfully tréated by tb? most reccintand b'riliant inteleet and exalted talent. sctentlfle methode whleh a VO81 hospital ex_ .i, . „._ ,,h m. perieuoe lias proved wortliy of oonfldenoe. Piles Cured without pain, kmie ot We desire !1O b('.ttOT ,,r0,r ,,- ílK.tet; thllII uie oautery. testimoniáis on file ar the instítote. ofthouMarrlaeje. Married persons oryoung: men sands of helplese oases tluit we have restored oootemplating marriage, aware of physloal to health and happlnees. weakoess, loss Of procreative powers. pree Examination of the Urine. potenej', or any other dlequalallncatlon, j;ach pCrsun appiying for medical treatment speedily restored, sbould send or Lring an onnee of their urine, EDlleDSV positively cuied r our nc-iv and which will reeeive a careful chemical and never íáiling Hospital treatment. mieroscopical examination. iiiiinaii ■■■ ñiB5 Perfccted in old ens' e which have been negleetedorunskillfully treated. WUflUöftiUw bUfti No expeiiments or fflllures, Parties treated by mailaud express, biit where possible, personal consultation is preferred. Curable cases gunrantced. TCases and corrospondenee confidential. Treatment sent C. O. D. to any part of the U S. List of 130 questions tree. Address with postage. DK. D. O. FBÜTH, 89 Bast Madison Street, Chicago, III,