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Samuel J. Tilden was regarded as one of ...

Samuel J. Tilden was regarded as one of ... image
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Samuel J. Tilden was regarded as one of the ablest lawyers in New York, and yet hls will, whieh bequeathed a large sum of money to New York City, has just been declared void by the New York court of appeals, the court of last resort. This only illustrates the uncertainty of the law. The Detroit House of Correction made in the past nine months over and above expenses, $40,889.41. It was run by demócrata. The late republican administration of the prisoüs showed that only did not the prisoners of the state earn their living, but the taxpayers of the state had to put up a largo sum of money.for their support. Mr. CaSgrain, tíie young Canadian who marríed a í-ich girl and is now the candldate of the Thompsonians íor city attoruey oí Detroit, showed his mental calibre wlnn h,. gtated in public speech that the Evening Sun of Detroit was a better democratie paper than the Free Press. A man with 110 more mental capacity than that is unfit for city attorney. The turf has a new queen. Sunol trotted a mile on the Stockton, California kit shaped track, last week, in, 2.08 1-4, just half a second under thei best time of Maud S. The speed record is being often broken in these latter days. To make this record Sunol had to travel over 41 feet in every eecond. To make a record of 2:20, a horse goes 37 feet per second. If a horáe can be found who ivill average 42 feet a second for a whole minute, hi.s record wlll be 2:05 3-4, anl tliat record wlll be struck yet. That the road of a cong-ressman who has postmasters to appoint is a hard ome to travel is again exempliïicd in the case of exCongressman Belknap, of (rand Rápida, who is now running to íill a vacancy. Ho runs mainly on his soldier record. He promised the Ionia postofïice to T. G. Stephenson, a prominent G. A. E. editor who had done yeoman service for Mm. But Alger, JlcMillan, Stockbridge and others had another man for the place and Belknap had the other man appointed. Stephenson has just bolted Belknap's nomiuation and denounces his treachery in bitter terms. The one tliing whieh strikes as outsider as peculiar in the democratie split in the Detroit city eleetion, is that some otherwise able and )respeetable demócrata should íollow the leadership of such a man as Williani G. Thompson in dividing the democratie party. Thompson is a formar" republiean mayor. He was fighting in the republiean ranks last fall. He is a man whose personal character is disgraeeful, whose vile debauches Bhould lead respectable men to hold aloof froin him. The street railway's support of Thompson can be justified on the ground of self interest, but what can justify democratie support of him when a respectable candidato is on the democratie ticket.