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Poison In The Kitchen

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No article entering so generally into the food of every household is so generally and villainously adultered as baking powder. These adulterated powders are shoved upon the public with the greatest persistency. Throbbing advertisements in newspapers claiming this brand or that is absolutely pure, backed by analyses and certificates, and yet they are adulterated with ammonia or alum. It is to be hoped the law will take hold of these merciless manufacturers and punish them for destroying the stomachs of the unsuspecting consumer. Amid all this fraud and deceit Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder stands almost alone battling for pure food and continĂșes to furnish a pure cream of tartar powder at almost the same cost to the people as the ammoina and alum powders are sold at, yet it costs much more to manufacture. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is of the highest strength. It produces the largest amount of leavening power attainable in a pure baking powder. It is free from ammonia or any other adulteration. No powder does such work. Housewives who have tested all use Dr. Prices only.