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A Medic "scrap."

A Medic "scrap." image
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There is trouble brewing between the '93 and '94 medies. On Monday morning the two classes assembied in the clinical amphitheatre for a lecture on materia medica. A '94 man took a seat on the front row of the Junior side of the building. The Juniors consider the front seats as their own special property, by reason of their being one year nearer a sheepskin. They immediately resented the intrusión and proceeded to "put the Sophomore up." The '91 men who occupied seats on the opposite side of the amphitheater, couldn't stand this. Their blood began to boil, and soon " '94 to the rescue" sounded through the room. A grand charge was made upon the uniors and they soon found their lands f uil. The struggle was at its height when Dr. Abel appeared upon the scène. He rushed into the midst of the fray and mistaking the unior medies for dents, shouted "back, dents, back-" The disturbance soon subsided, and the sophomore occupied a seat on the second row. The troubleis not over, however. The juniors are wagering money that the sophomore will not occupy a front seat at next Thursday's lecture, while the lower classmen are just as certain that their man wil! occupy the coveted position.