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Farmers Organizing To Protect Game

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The farmers in Monroe county have organizcd, to protect their íarms írom trespassers. The Monroe Democrat ol last, weck in sprakiug of the new organization, says: "Farmers are comiug to understand that, tlic.v have some rights in their property besides the right to plow and plant the land, and gather the grain; and are organizing clubs all through Uu' county to protect those rights. From time out of meniory, it has been thecustom for a class of people living in, the city or country villages to go singly or in parties, and -with guns andi dogs literally take possession of a man's farm and kill every game bird or animal to be found, and when remonstrated with by the owner, he was simply told to 'go to hades,' and in niany instances gun and dogs were threatencd'to be called into use to enforoe the order, ii the owner of the property presumcd to further interfere with the hunter. Th eproperty owner rather than have his anatomy lacerate4 by a dog or punctured by shot, usually rctired in good order, leaving the cheeky poacher at liberty to follow his unlawful picasure. When notices were posted notifying trespass rs to keep otf the property hunters have deüberately shotthem to pieces and then committed the trespass - declaring there was no such notice posted. This fall farmer have concluded to have something to eay concerning their property rights, and in nearly every township in the county an organization of ers hos been effccted for this purpose. They claim that they ieed and care for tho gam ean dhave a propevty right to it. These birds save them many dollars annually and are naturally the triend' of the farmer. That tramping over the ground tajurea growing crops and 110 om; lias any right to Interfere with cither game or crops. They claim that if qua il, p'artrldge, ■voodcock, mjulrrel, wild uirkey or other gam ' is a delicacy fo.r the city table, it is as much of a dolicacy for the country, table, and with just as much of a capaclty for enjoying it. If the city sporfcsmen hunt for the market, that market is open just as wlde ior the country boy. If they hunt for exercise, why - let thcin saw ivood. The latest organization formed imong farmers for the protection of game is In the townships of Berlin and Ash. The society has a constitution and by-laws. Provisions are made whercby a tx may be levied upon the real estáte! of lts members to créate a fund to defray the expenses of prosecution of trespassers and poachers, and violations of the game law. Members are subject to a fine of one dollar for neglecting to complaln of violations that may come to thelr knowledge. and a standing re-svard is offered to any person t-Iio will furnish evidence thafl will lead to the arrest and convictionj of any person or persons committing trespass. Hon. John Strong ia president, David Valrance secretary and Jolm Reynolds treasurer. The farmers ure rlght, and all good citizens as wrll as the courts will stand by thrni i ii thelr endeavor to protect tlu'ir rights. The insano idea that no one lias property rights that any fellow with a gun is bound to respect should be upset without regard to person."