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Where Are Jackson's Claims

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The question of the birth-place of the EepubHcan party has begun to be discusscd in the newspapers, and there are many canüidates for the doubtful honor. Th ecitizens of Ripon, Wis., lately at a public meeting, put forward the claim that the party had its origin there on the 2oth of Maren, ,1854. Henry Wilson in his liistory of the "Rise and Fall of the Slave Power, " says that the name of the new party was agreed upon at a meeting of thirty members of Congress on May 23, 1854, the day the Kansas-Nebraska bill passed the House. Chicago, of course, can not -afford to be left in a controversy of this kind, and so sets up a claim that the Republican party was organized there on July 5, 1854. There are various other places that put forward similar pretensions. It is a noteworthy circumstance that the party, wherever organized, began its career by laying hold of the name by which the Democratie party was originally known; and in later years, it has been laying hold of everything within its reach. Th econtroversy over the birth-place of the Republican party is premature. This should come after its death, in imitation of the memorable controversy over the birth-place of the BlindBard: 'Seven Grecian cities mouraed for Homer Uead, Through which the Uring Homer befrged his bread." .When the Republican party is dead it will be time enough for the cities wher(Ht is now begging for, campaign funda to quarrel about its birth-place. Thoïindications are that they will not have long to wait. - Louisville CourierJournal.