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At the last meeting of the University Musical Society, Directors Kelsey, Beman, Stanley, de Pont, Dorrance, Wines, Hopkins and Ross were present. Prof. Stanley, as director, reported the Choral Union a success both artistically and financially. Treasurer Wines reported but a small amount of cash on hand for the University Musical Society, but said that the Choral Union had a surplus and was in fine condition. A note against the University Musical Society was paid partly by money received from the sale of the pianos belonging to the society, and partly from the surplus of the Choral Union last year. A debt of $80 for printing still remained, which Treasurer Wines suggested be paid next year from the surplus of the Choral Union. Messrs. Pettee, Allmendinger, Beman, de Pont, Dorrance and Nancrede were elected directors. Mr. Wines' motion that one of the business men of the city be elected a director, so as to secure the sympa:hy and concurrence of the Business Vlens' Club in the work of the society, was carried, and resulted in the election of Mr. Allmendinger. The officers elected were: Prof. Kelsey, president; Prof, Pettee, vice-president: Mr. Hopkins, secretary; Prof. Wines, treasurer; Prof. Stanley, director. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 8:30 p. m., in Room