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pr. John Kapp was elected by tlie Washtenaw board of supervisors, jail physician, at a salary of $35 per .',,.,,- This munificeut recompense 11 scarcely provide a front piece for lus name. Editor S. W. Beakes, of the Ann vrbor Argns, lias just returned from convention of the Brotherhood oï gt Andrew, at St. Louis. We do ot know what the Brotherhood of gt .ndi-ew Iniports, but whatever t does, Brother Beakes is one of the ■importers." 51 M. Dodge and a chum at "Whitmore Lake, the other day, were tryng the time honored trick of "crossing knives," that is, Crossing the edges ta wttica was tho best stuif Tne knives slipped nad the point of one dodged into Dodge's leg. Now he walks with crutclu'si. Frank and Dan Boatmun, of Ypsilanti, contracted to whip a motor conductor and run the car themselves; but the motorueer proved himself both the motor and the dynam'ite, and the Boatmen not only didn't whip him. but were arrested and Bogardus-kicked to the tuuc oi $Do. A horned toad, noted for its abüity to fatten on starvatiou, is on exhibition in th eTwo Sams' store in Ann rbor. Beal, of the Courier, ejcctss froth from both corners of liis mouth ■whenever he sees it. He thiuks ie is that "toad of free trade,:' which has troubled his dreams lor seVeral years. Carlotta MedOTls, of Aun Arbor, breaks an arm once a year. She started the custom four years ago and bas never missed since. The lxst break feil due two weeks ago to-day at half-past 3 p. ra., at which time, being seated on the railing of the porch, ehe feil -over backwards and the usual job was accomplished. The mail carriers had a contest, last week, as to whieli one should carry out the greatest number of pounds of mail. Carrier O'Kane won, carrying uot twenty puonds more than any of the others. - Ann Arbor Argus. How strange they act at Ann Arbor. In Adrián the carrier who can get out with the least mail, is met wit h a baleful glare of envy from the others. # # # Miss Mary White, aged 23 years, now at Stockbridge village, has been gleeping, steadily, except when awakend for food, ior nearly 140 days. Blie was taken ill on the 4th of August, and has slept away fifty pounds of flesh. She is said to ba now gaining flesh again, and the physician attending her beüeves she will yet conquer sleep and recover. Should she do so, she should be a pretty wideawake girl for a while, to make up the time lost . The old organ in the Ann Arbor Presbyterian church, bas been turned out doors, to make room for a new $4,000 instrument with high collar and checked clothes. The lungs, larynx, pharynx, glottis and epiglottis of old organ has become so impaired that it couldn't gasp the doxology, without catching its breath between syllables. The new one is a gift from Mrs. H. Socketit, and not a member of the church but believes her calling and election sure. A Denver editor has just made a war prlae of an estimable Ann Arbor young lady; and a Universty law student, named Iieed, maddened with a shot from cupid's bow luis eloped with his chum.'s sister, whose father is a wealthy quarryman at Grindstone City. This leads to the conclusión tihat the student was after the old man's "rocks" but as said old man had warneu iiaid lo keep away from hls girl, the Blackstonian may yet find his own on the grindstone.