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One Pure Baking Powder

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Like Telling a Secret. A story is told and it is a true story that over seventy per cent. of all the baking powders sold contarĂ¡ either alum or ammonia, and many of these powders contain both. The ill effects upon the system of food raised by alum or ammonia powders are the more dangerous because of their insidious character. It would be less dangerous for the people were it fatal at once, for then such food would be avoided, but their baneful action because imperceptible at first and slow in its advances, is no less certain. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is declared by all authorities as free from alum, ammonia or any other adulterant. lts purity has never been questioned, and while it does finer and better work, it costs no more at retail thaa many of the adulterated powders.