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Different Kinds Of Buffalo

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Tbe bufTalo is evidently a ' souled creature, for m.iny hunters i have seen the common domesticated ! calyei of the frontier farms standing patiently waiting for a buffalo to dig a place in the snow and when he had accomplished his task tbe calves would eat the graas fearlessly, sharing, as by right, the fruit of their í huge companion's toil. Hunters have often been saved by buffaloes from a terrible death from thirst, says the ! Illustrated American. The buffalo, like the camel and the elephant, has the power of taking a large amount of water into his body, and it in the reticulam, or calis of the honeycomb department of tbe tomach, until needed. The hunters, therefore, when their vessels ara empty, and they see no signs of a stream within a day's travel, promptly slay the first buffalo that comes in view, for the sake of the water which they know will be found in the usual situation. The bonasus, or zubr buffalo, found in the Russian forest of Bialowikza, has a very peculiar trait. It gives fortn a powerful and very pleasant odor, which partakes equally of musk and violet Thia really delicious perfume is found to penétrate tbe whole of the body, to a certain extent, but is exhaled most powerfully from the skin and hair which cover the upper part of the forehead. The zubr in appearance is very much like ur American buffalo, but the hair on the head and shoulderi is more tightly curled and not so rough ' or long. To preserve this really magnificent animal in perfection it is protected by the most rigid forest laws. j The yak, a curious species of buffalo, j which is found in western Thibet, haa not only the long mane reaching to the ground. but the fianks are covered with hair which reaches the ground in long, thick, silky masses. The hair of the tail is white, and the Chinese take these tails to dye red and blue, and then make tassels of them. When domesticated it need3 very little care, foraging for itself and coming to ba milked when called by the milkmaid as a pet cow might do.


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