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An Eccentric Artist

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Of J. E. Herbert, the eccentric artist, many amusing stories are told. . He insists that his models should feal the emotions that animated the characters they were to represent, and once, in explainm this necessity to a somewhat stolid model, became himself affected to tears at the mere thought of what the other should feel. He had, moreover, a sense of humor and a calm way of displaying it One day he was with Landseer at the Athenaïum, after an Academy meeting, and the latter called for reIreshments. "Some of zat also to me," said Herbert to the waiter, in the broken English he affected. When it was , brought he continued: ' 'Ah, I shall have no money. Pay for me, Landseer." His friend paid and they went out together. Herbevt then stopped to listen to a beggar in the street. ' 'Ah, stay a bit " said he, ' 'I want to do a leetle charity, and you, my dear friend must lend me a shilling." Soon after they carne upon another beggar and a similar bit of charity was indulged in, Landseer furnishing the money. When Herbert rejoined him it was to say. witn the utmost coolne;s: "Let me see! Borro wed at the club, one shilling; charity, two shillings. Ah, 1 do owe you three shilling. Yet, now I zink of it, you shall do ze charity. It will be good for your soul. I shall pay you ze one