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Golden City's Boom

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He had been loat f or about f our hours, and was riding along the trail, hoping to meet somebody who could teil him the way, when he carne to a house, with a gettler sitting on the fence in front, says the Detroit Free Press, "Good day, " he said, pulling up along side. "Can you teil mehow far it is to Golden City?" "You' re right thar, stranger," waa the boastful reply. "This is Golden City." "Great Csesar, man," exclaimed the visitor, "this Golden City? Why.this isn't any town at all, and the advertisement said the population had more than doubled in the last three months, and every man in town had more than he could do. "That's right strancer. Three months ago there wasn't anybody here but me and my wife; now, there's me and her and the triplets- you ought to see thosa triplets, stranger - and I've got all I can do to provide for family contingencies. The advertisement is the gospel truth, stranger. Won't you git down and look over soma of the lots ? Shan't cost you a durn een t. ' ' The stranger invested 25 cents ia a (eed.


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