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Thanksgiving vacation begins next Tuesday eveuing. The freshinan electlon was postponed, Saturday, for two weeks. The iirst Webster society, "public" was given "Wednesday evening. The Junior medies had a banquet at the Cook House, Saturday evening. The Detroit Tribune, Sunday, printed au unrecognizable cut of the ü. of M. foot-ball eleven. The junior law team went to Detroit, Saturday, and defeated the D. A. C. eleven. Score 10 to 0. The junior lit rugby eleven defeated the 'Normal team on the Campus, Saturday morning, by a score of 48 to 0. The freshnien independente were unabW to decide upou a ticket at their caucus, Saturday, and adjourned ior two weeks. J. T. Scott, who was in i!ic Üterary department in '88 and '89, eommitt cl suicide by cutting his tliro:it at the University of Pennsylvania, on the llth inst. Miss Maude MacGregor, Ut '92, is a neicc of Dr. Duucaif MacGregor, who lectured at the Baptist church, Tuesr day evening. Horaee Suydam, a senior lit, had a Eg broken white playlng with a foot-biill iu front of the Psi U house, Friday pvening. The CastaUan wlll bo lssued about Feb. 1, the reception of contributions having closed Tncsday. , The Register comp;iny has the contract io p-iniin?. In tlü'X'ontcst.s between the '9i"a"nd '95 medice, on the campus, Friday afternoon, Hewitt, '95, won the putting the shot, and McClymonds, '94, the 100 yards dash. In the inter-class foot-ball gchedule the junior lits defcated the sophomores last Thursday, and on Friday the illglv school anti junior laws played a draw, neither team scoring. The junior laws adopted a constitution and a class yoll, Saturday. The latter is, "Boom-a-lacker! Booma-lacker! Boom! Boom! Ba! Michigan! Michigan! ''93 Law." The class will attempt to elect officors on Dec. 5. Malley, of th eCliicago team, formerly of the U. of M., , telegraphed hls I'hi Kappa Psi brotlvers here regarding the game, Saturday, as follows: "We, (Chicago,) wou the game by dirty Work, and I did ray share of it." The. U. of M. rugby eleven played a game against the üniversity club tearn at Chicago, Saturday, being defi'ated by a score of 20 to -O. At the close of the first half neither had a score. The game was a shiggin gone, besides which, th ereferee was against the V. of M. in many of bis decisions. The high school and junior laws p-ayed off their draw game in the inter-elass schedule Tuesday afternoon, the former winning by a score of 18 to 6. The game was onc of the best of the series, and was hot: y fought. the high school team winning by superior skill. In the draw game between the same teams, ast week, neither eide scored. The senior lit election, Saturday afternoon, was a tama affair, the indepelidents haviug .nearly evei-ything thtir own way. The offleera clected wére as follows: P. W. Ross, president; Miss Maude Forhan, yice-presidont; W. H. De'.lenback, orator; A. J. Tuttle, thistoriau; Miss Herrick, poetess; Miss Borthwick, proplit t;-ss T. E. Ba-rnum, secretary; 15. II. Edwards, ti-easurer.