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Hobart Guild Lectures

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The leetures at Ilarris hall before the Hobart Guild, on what is known as the S'ocutn foundation, will be delívered by Rev. Jolin Fulton, D. D., L. L. D.. editor of the New York Cliurcliuian. The general subject will be "The Evidences of Christianity,'' The dates and topics are as t'oljowa: Lecture First, Friday Dec. 4th- Memorial and Introductory. Religion and Phllosophy. The Ethica oí Rcligious Doubt. Lecture Second, Sunday Dec. (ith - What i.s Chrietianity? Historica! Excursus to the Council of Nicaea. Lecture Third, Tuesday Dec. 8th- '■ The Chalcedonian Decree. Historical Excursus Coutinued to the Council of Chalcedon. Impossibility of Conflict Beetweeu Nicene Christianity and Modern Science or Veraeious Criticism. Iecture Fourth, Friday, Dec. llth -The Chalcedonian Decree Continucd. Freedoin of Historical Christianity from Variou sModern Difficuhies. The Symbolism of the Creeds. "The Christianity of Christ." Lecture Fiftli, Sunday, Dec. 13tli- Tlieism. The Triune God of the Ñiceiíe Creed is the God Postulatcd by Modern Science. Lecture Six, Tuesdny. Dec. 15th- Christianity and ('riiicism. Miralc. Th' Selfevidenee of Christ. The Su(■hristianity and Criticiam. Mlraele. Th-e Sunday lecturas will be held in St. Andrew's church, at 7:30 o'clock, in the evBnlng.