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Cakes Without Eggs

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Observing housekeepers quickly learn that Dr. Price's Cream Powder is f ar superior to other brands in the fact that they never faiï to make the finest pastry, and if they wish to be economical they can dispense entirely with eggs and can use a less quantity of butter for shortening purposes. The advantage is not alone in the saving effected but in avoiding the trouble and frequently the great difficulty of securing eggs that are fresh. This is often a serious trouble. Cakes of various kinds from the informal Griddle Cakes to the stately Bride Cake can be made with Price's Cream Baking Powder, which insures light, sweet and handsome cakes; or when used for Griddle Cakes to be eaten hot enables their production in the shortest space of time, always tender and delicious. Dr. Price's is the only Baking Powder that contains the white of eggs. None so pure ! None so wholesome ! Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is reported by all authorities as free from Ammonia, Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact, the purity of this ideal powder has never been questioned.