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SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure is without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a postive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sucessfully stand. That it may become known, he Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are )lacing a Sample Bottle Free into every home n the United States and Canada. If youhave a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for t will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief s sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 ets., 50 ets. and il. 00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame. Mse Shiloh's Porous Plaster Price 25 ets. Grand Opera House i Tuesday Eve., Dee. 1. 1891. Miss Irene Kent Tlie young and biilliant ernotiomil actiess suppoited by tlie well knówn star aotress Miss Bertba Welby and au artistic Dramatic Company under ;be sole Management of Mr. Josh E. Ogden. Priees, - 35, 5O and 75 Cts. Peata on Sale at P. O. Ne-icp land Estáte of Thomas Keedle. VÉTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY " ui Wanht''lMW, .s Al HS'ii, 'I uu Vnb:ii ''ourl lol int' C-.unty of Wasblfii:iw. l,ol 'cü il tin Proliutu Office ïu Mie cily ol An Aihivr. on Saturdsy, ibe 21st day of Soverubi r, in Ihrysrl one thouaaxd elbt bnndred ai.d pidi ly 01 e. Preneni, J. Willard BaWiHt, Ju'i-.:c ol Pruhntr In the rol the est.. te ol Th'.uius Keeillc. clecascil . O rnaiiu' and filin.' ttw pclition. 1(1 ■ vriffed f Willium :. ('hiils, iidrohiintratur, rayniK tll heiuay be lici-ns a lo s -11 lie icil wnercef ■iaiil üeoeisei) dieü -ized to pay . Thereupon it is oiderfd, thi PueadiiT, Ihe 3nd duy f Dtcemlier aext, t in o'e'ock Iii il" ormouii, be assiüued for the hearmji oi ;:■ .etition and that'the heira-at-tow f móJ 0' c(isei,andall ether persons im treati'il In aid onlati ire required lo appear Rt u íessloo oí sai ovirt ihBii holdpn atthe Prolmic Ottwe iu be citv ot Ann Arbor, -nd show cauce, il aoy'there be, wliy the oí Ihe V' loner'shciuid not bc granteil. And il furlllr Of .lerea thst said (i-litioner give uotlw to H pi r ion iutorested In said estute of the pendenc; ol luid peiiiion ni.d the bewins tkwo f byoauslng i-0 of thii order to be publislied in ís JBbuk' Aui-iis, :i uowspaper prinied uiul Ireulated i' siiid couuit. three siicceasive wek previiu loaaio lj ut beáriug. WILLARD BAItlllTT. [A truecopv"]. Ju ij--e ot Probate. Wm. ii. Dotï, Probate Hcgister.