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That the Royal Baking Powder is the oldest and purest baking powder, and the greatest in leavening strength. That it is free from every injurious substance. That it makes lighter, sweeter, more nutritious and healthful food than any other. The Royal Baking Powder Company refines its own cream of tartar in its own mammoth refinery, and thus insures its unvarying quality. There is used in the manufacture of the Royal Baking Powder more than half of all the cream of tartar consumed in the United States for all purposes. This is required and must be chemically pure, and chemically pure cream of tartar could not be obtained in the markets of this country or Europe, which necessitated the building of special works, and the employment of special processes. All other baking powders, when analyzed, show traces of lime and sulplmric acid, which arise from the impurities of the materials bought in the market, which their manufacturers use. This is why the Royal Baking Powder is the only absolutely pure baking powder made.