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J. Q. A. Sessious was in Detroit, Tnegda...

J. Q. A. Sessious was in Detroit, Tnegda... image
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J. Q. A. Sessious was in Detroit, Tnegday. Prof. P. K. de Pont was at Toledo, yesterday. Miss Helen Terry la visiting Wende in Touodo. Seward Cramer spent Tlianksgiving at Cleveland. J. J. Goodyear was a Chicago vlaitor this week. E. P. Mills rcturncd f rom Ne wYmk, last Prlday nigiit. Ed. Seyler spent Thanksgiving with a. frii'nd in Lahsing. Dr. G. V. Palmer, of Chelsea, was in the city, Tuesday. A. II. Sheüïnire, of Kalamazoo, speat Smitlay witii 8. F. Watts. Cari Miner has been spending a few day.s with Toledo íriends. Miss Allie Curtis returned Monday, from a sliort visit in Chicago. Sheriff Dwyer and F. A. Howïett were in Chicago, last week. Dr. W. J. Herdman returned yunday from a trip to Colorado. Homer Henderson.of Cleveland, visited his mother here, this week. Prof. Chas. K. HcGee ñad a family reunión at his house, ThanksgiviiiR. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Brown returned from a trip to Chicago, Monday evening. Dr. J. H. Reynolds and daughter. of Adrián, were in the city last Friday. J. E. Iïca! went to Pittsburg, Pa., on a business trip, the first of the "week. Jas. B. Bacb went to Cleveland, Wednesday, to spend a íew days with re'atives. Station Agent Greenwood and fainüy (have gone to Pennsylvania for a few days. Prof. and Mrs. J. C. Knowlton spent Thanksgiving with Jndge V. C. )ane, in Adrián . A'o'.ncy Chapín, of St. John, .'-pent Thanksgivtag with his mother, Mrs. Chas, ('liapiir. Öeorge M. Hawea and daughter, Miss Greorgia Hawee, have been visiiing in Saglaaw. Miss Moore, of To-edo, w.ho has b en vislting Miss Uv en Terry, reim-ned liome. Wednesday. Prof. Corbin, of the Michigan Agrlcul'fcnral coli'ge, i spending ;üs vacation in this city. J. T. SuUivan retunted, Monday, (rom Chicago, where he speut a íuw day.s with his sou. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bdsor attended the 01 Wm. J. Sheehan, in Detroit, Tuesday pveuing. Mrs. Fred Dliss, of New York, is visitiug her mother-in-c-aw, Mrs. E. C. Freer, of E. Williams street. Mrs. David Godfrey, of W. Huron street, who lias been visiting relatives at Buffaio, Ilias returned home. Mies Francia Walters, of Marshall, -was the guest of the Miases Henne, of W. Liberty street, over Sunday. J. A. C. Hildaer and wile went to Detroit, Tuesday, to spend the Thanksgivtng vacation with his párente. City Cïerk Miller and wife helped paily of his uncle, C. W. Miller, of Dexter, devpur the:r Thanksgiving dinaer, yestetday. J. 1. Stone, of Eushvüle, formerly proprletor ol the 8t. James and Frankün hotels i'ii tliis city, is spending a week vit-h friends liere. Congressman Gorman was in the city, last eveniug, on liis way to Washington, o attend the session of ('onwhich opeüs Tuesdaj . Ex-Congcessman AUen was one of the Detroit boomers at Washington, ïirst oï the week, seeking to get the repobliean national convention at Detroit. Mrs. ('lias. M. .Tours, aïicr spèndlng BèveraJ weeks with relatives in this city and other parts of Michigan, returned to home at Wiehita, Kansas, Monday morning. !.!■■. Praoyer, of Chicago, a fonm-r n'-;(i,.;i, of thls city, spêBt eeveraJ daye dwing the past week visiting oUl flaye during the past week viaitfng JHends and scènes in Ann Arbor. Gco. F. Eobison, Jlrs. Jas. T. Eaman anl Jas. A. Kobison, of Detroit, and Chas. T. Robiaon, of Sharon, were all in tho city, Tuesday, paying tlieir parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kobison, a short visit. n v 'JL ..