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Death Of Henry Paul

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Diecl, at his resldence in Pittsfleld, Sunday eveninj?, Üec. 20th at H.4ñ o'clock, Henry l'aui, aged 51 yeare and 6 montlis. I Mr. l'aul had been sufferlng ïor about two years of cnucer oí tlie Ktomach and (his deatb was not unexpèeted, the only thing whlch kopt him alive tor some time past being his rugged coiistitution and strong will-power. lic gnitered greatly, but ou Saturday lócame unconscious and remalned so uiitil liis deatb. l'nihalily no inore popular nor mere pi-oniinciu (armer than Mr. Paul rei(cil withiu tihe borders oí Waehtenaw county. He was iKJrnin the townahip o; Sclo, Juni' '._!rd, 1840, his párente belng Jacob and Mary L'aul, who c-ainc to tliis country ironi Wuitemberg, Germwny, in 1830 and took up tli-e (arm f rom the governmeüt on whicli the subject oJ tota sketch was bom. He worked on the farm for luis iather and by ïrug-ality and cconomy was abl! to pnröoase the homestead oi bis father in 1S02, eontinuimg to occupy it until 18GG. In that year he moved to Ann Arbor, which he made liis home lor the sueeeeiling twelve years. He was engaged in various enteiprises here, among which was the furniture manufacture, oriiaatlng the Mlctoigan Furniture Co., w'iiieh succeeded him. In 1877. he gave up a mercantile life and again retnraed to fariuing, purehasing and moviugupon the farm where ite died in Pittsiu-ld township. His fiducattonal advantagea were meagre, being otvly thosc oifered by the district schools, yet he attained au edueation in practical life wiiicli si'rved iiim far bet ter tlnun books. Mr. Paul wa.s a democrat in politics aed served the public in various offices, havtng been eleeted supervisor oí Pittsfield, althougfli that townehlp was strongly repubUcan, and he was also a school trustee lor thirteen years. He has also been treasurer of the Washtenaw Oounty Aftrieultural and Horticultural Society and of the Wuáhtenaw Germán Farmers' Mutual Iivsurance Co., and at the time of liis death held the position of seeretary uf the latter ocganlzatiou. On May 2'JXh. 1SG2, tie was marricd to Miss Catherlne Kocii. who with tlircc cihildren .survive liim. ïnneral was held at the vrsidence in PlttsMeld, Wednesday morni ntï. servloes ofterwards being held at Betihlehem eJhiurch in this city. The rcinaT.issvcrc interred in the herman eemetery en the Jackaon rond and were tdlowed to the grave by a large number oJ sOTrowlng relatives and