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i MARK DOWN SALE COMMENOES SAÏUEDAY morairfg, January 2, and continúes through the entire month. Bargains opon Bargains and Sales within Sales each week of the time. ALL DRESS GOODS, Linens, Domestica, Silks, Shawls, Hosiery, Underwear, and Winter Goods of every description go in this Sale. OUR CARPET DEPARTMENT is soon to occupy the entire secoiid floor of our store, and prior to Lts removal we shall offer every thing in Carpets, Curtains, Portierres, Rugs, Etc, Etc, at prices that will not be seen in Ann Arbor for many years to come. FEOM TfIE THOUSANÜ AND ONE choice Bargains we can cali your attention to uut a few, simplv give yon an idea of what we intend doing and let a personal inspection teil the rest. 2,000 yds. 60c and 50c Dress Goods, your choice for 37c. Fine 48-inch Colored Henriettas and Serges - all wool- worth 75c to go at 4yc. Extra Fine Black Henriettas marked cheap at 75c - dow 59c. 52-inch American Broadcloths - in the Sale for 42c. All Our Fine Damask and Huck 25c Towels at 19c. 52-inch Oil Boiled Turkey Red Table Linen, warranted Fast Colors at 19c. All Our 35c and 40c Table Linens reduced to 25c. All Our $1.00 Napkins at 79c, and 75c Napkius at 59c. All Our Warranted Black Gros Grain Silks at One-Third Ofl. All Silk Surahs - Deeided Bareain- 17c All $1.23 Blankets, 98c. All S9c Blankets at 62c, and $1.15 Blankets at 87c. 2,500 Yards 5c and 6c Prints, Your Choice for 3c. Oentury Best 8c Unbleached Cotton, only 6c. Gilt Edge Bleached Cotton, Good Value at 7c for 5Lc. 89c Comfortables only 69c and 73c Comfortables for 59e. Gents' 50c ünderwear 38c- Ladies' 40c Underwear for 33c. Elegant 50c Jersey Underwear 36c. Combination Suita 89c. Ypsilanti Underwear One-Fonrth Off the List to Close. All Wool Ingrains, 49c. Tapestry Brussels as Low as 37c. The above list is bnt a fraction of the ''good things" which we shall oflbr. Expect Bargains and vou will not be disappointed. E, F. Mills & Company,


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